It Was What I Was Rasied to Do

i don`t belive in hurting others is just not right.are calling attention to others faults.when you do you only bring attention to your own.or stealing,people have to work to hard to get things.or lieing,because as my granny would say,it all comes out in the people seem not to have any morals at all.they think its cool and ok to do whatever they want.and then they want you to feeel sorry for just dosen`t makeany sense.

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2 Responses Apr 4, 2009

I support having strong moral character which is where I fit in that spectrum. I know people live their lives the way they believe is right, but how obvious can it be when one is doing wrong to another intentionally to hurt them emotionally, the person's character, or any other way to hurt them...that should be clear there is a character flaw somewhere. <br />
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I do what I can to help people, not use them for my personal entertainment, financial gain, or to just hurt a person by sabotaging relationships or marriages just for the sake of doing it as I have seen so many other do. The down fall of strong moral character is what is bringing society down...I look for the quality of a person's character, how they think, and their actions that will define who they are. <br />
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God will do the rest.

Now, now, no need to generalize people. Nearly everyone has morals. Some people's morals aren't yours and aren't societal, but they are morals nonetheless. <br />
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Not everyone expects you to feel sorry for them and not everyone thinks that "having no morals" is "cool." I believe it is not being bound by societal opinion that has become the center of envy.<br />
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Mmm, not all lies. It depends on the lie, liar, and lied to.I, for one, can see the justification in hurting/killing others. I can understand bringing out the faults in others and in stealing. I agree, it is unfortunate to be on the worker's side of the issue, but bare in mind that the thief had to work hard to steal the item too. Of course, the amount of physical work was probably much less than that of the worker.<br />
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I too was raised much of the same way. My parents gave me their perception of such moral standards and the Catholic church gave me theirs. Often I found that their morals contradicted each other. Then I found that the more I tried to follow their ideas of "right" and "wrong," the more trapped I felt. Eventually I started doing more and more of what I want and I felt liberated and more like me. Then I started questioning everyone and everything and I realized the only reason I had those morals was because that is how I was raised and I thought that wasn't a justifiable reason to have them because they weren't MY morals, they were everyone else's.