I came into this world at ten lbs and have never been the skinny kid. In first grade I weight at 100 lbs. I was teased and looked down upon as if I were a monster or someone with a disease. At around age 17 I finally got sick of it when I got onto the scale and seen that I was one pound from becoming 200lbs. I was horrified and said enough. I started my own deit by eating what I wanted but limiting the portion size. I exersiced for 30 mins. starting out and worked my way to 1 hour of walking and jogging intervals. I lost weight. But then I did not have the stress that I do now. I have two little girls and a husband that can be as challenging as my girls. :) So I gained the weight back and am currently 186lbs. I am tired and feel like giving up on life. But I cant because I have others who rely on me. So it is time to start focusing on what I need to do. I cant do it alone though. It is to hard.
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May 10, 2012