I Have Studied Endtime Bible Prophecy Many Times & Emailed Media, Mps..

I Have Studied Endtime Bible Prophecy Many Times

& Emailed Media, MPs etc

& been on radio phone-ins about it

Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 12:2-8, Joel 3, Zechariah 14 & Revelation 16-19 @ www.BibleGateway.com all prophesy Antichrist forces defeated - ultimately, by Christ @ Armageddon

He will then rule Earth in perfect peace & justice from Zion - Jerusalem

The blasphemous Dome of the Rock Mosque, whose Golden Dome lies that, "God has no Son", will soon be demolished by the giant earthquake that is overdue in that area

The Temple will then be rebuilt on Temple Mount

Mad Megalomaniac Mo's evil koran & hadith will be exposed as the lies & false prophecies that they are

Allah was a mere stone idol moon god

That is why the crescent moon is Islam symbol

Even most Muslims don't know that

It is pro-Muslim toi be anti-Islam & expose the demonic deception behind it

Christians worldwide have long prayed Joel 2 dreams & visons for Muslims

& thousands of Muslims have had just such dreams & visions that lead them to trust Christ & reject false prophet Mo' - who was also a serial rapist pedo & used his evil koran & hadith to try to justify his perversions

The Almighty Cretor of the Universe is 'a jealous God'

"He will not share His glory with idols"

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth & the Life: no-one comes to the Father except thru Me"

Mad Mo' arrogantly says in his evil koran that Christ will be subservient ti Mohammed

No way

"He is FAR above all other"

"Neither is there any other name under Heaven, given among men, whereby we MUST be saved" - Acts 4:12

Youtube search Innocence of Muslims - it's hilarious

It's historically accurate

& its scathing sarcasm is entirely justified

Endtime Bible prophecy commands Christians to make war on Antichrist

I have my weapons to hand here in my flat & take 'em with me whichever room I go to, as I had my life threatened for exposing Islam so often in my 11 years online

From now, I will bear arms going out, as English Law on self defence authorises proportional response

I'm ex-champ MMA teamster, ex-security & my older cousins were a Colonel, a Wing Commander & a Navy Commander

"Proclaim this among the nations: prepare for war!" - Joel 3

We will NOT have barbaric sharia law imposed worldwide by a global Islamic Republic

"Let God arise & let His enemies be scattered: let those who hate Him flee before Him"

See also Psalm 2 & Psalm 83 @ www.BibleGateway.com

Let battle commence

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MANY signs confirm that we are in the end times - the stage is set for the Armageddon prophecies of Joel 3, Zechariah 14 & Revelation 16-20 @ www.BibleGateway.com

Each time Israel has tried to trade land for peace, she has been attacked

& the rockets hit her daily

Jerusalem Post Update
By: Me
Written on November 13th, 2012


┬╗Breaking News

Breaking News 12:36 Syrian Red Crescent estimates 2.5 million uprooted_

Peres: Gaza will only achieve normalcy if rockets stop

Defense minister meets with IDF OC Southern Command and Gaza Division Commander, says IDF intends "to bring back deterrence" to border; PM meets with security cabinet to discuss possible response to rockets.

IAF hits Gazan terror targets in response to rockets
Analysis: From assassinations to ground offensives