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I am 30 yrs lady married to an Indian gentleman of 50 age. We both have wonderful love-life. A couple of years mu hubby wanted me to have another man as a lover and f--k him in our bed room or his bedroom or a motel or anywhere else under the sun. I was shocked beyond words and had a big fight with him. I stopped talking to him but he kept persisting with his wish or demand,,,,,,,,whatever you call it. While making love to me, he started calling names of our other friends or my ex-boy friends or our neighbour etc. I found that slowly I also started enjoying his talks and after a month or so I had a frank talk with him. Then we had an understanding. One - My lovers will be selected by him as they all have to be of a higher status in the society and at the same time GOOD in all aspects. Two - I shall go ahead full steam with no inhibitions but it will be only physical and nothing else. Third - He will only watch when the bed is being rocked by my lover's thrusts into me. Four - In case he is not present during the action, I will have to narrate the whole story to him in details and then starts our love-making. BELIEVE me, after initial hesitations and doubts, we have found that ----- My hubby selecting my Bulls and getting them home to f--k me and hubby dear watching the proceedings has brought a tremendous qualitative change in our married life both ways. One - I am getting the maximum physical measures out of it. Second - Thr testrone level of the Hubby dear has also gone up all of a sudden and he f--ks me at least once in a day and sometimes 3 - 4 times, when I finish my humpings with my BULL> So my advice will be, please go ahead, be confident and take a plunge. Wish you all the best.
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My biggest fantasy is to live out a secret cuckold hot wife lifestyle with my wife. We are both from the levant and are Muslims. I am not religious at all. But my wife is a practicing Muslim though she is fairly modern in terms of wearing short skirts or dating before we got married. I also know that she feels morally superior to me in the sense that she is a good mother, very well positioned socially and would never ever do something "dirty".
I am stuck and welcome any good advice.

I sent you a private message. I hope you will read it.

It appears you are both better off with this arrangement.

we are an indian couple get in touch

Everybody is happy....Nobody is hurt LOL

Thats what my wife said "No" at first but now she loves it wishes she had started sooner!...Sharing of course!