Ross On Tishy

you have been reading about my wife Tishy an our adventures. I have to say at this stage in life my sex life has gone pure cosmic. Tishy has the most beautiful pair of legs i have ever set eyes on,there even better when they are wrapped around me and i am deep inside her. I have had the pleasure to make 6 DVDs of her being ******* senseless so far .Have a another on to make at the end of the month. As you are aware she has a traveling group which she goes away every 3 months . She has coupled me with two of them so far absolutely fantastic her b f Gina was a sensational shag unfortunately she has hooked up with a new guy and is of the scene for now shame. However i will be honest Cuckolding is not good for everyone make sure and discuss it and have the proper mindset as it is nice to fantisise about it but being there when your wife is in ectasy with another guys **** deep inside is another thing. Anyway i have absolutely no complaints I adore Tishy and sex and life is just fantastic .

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Jan 6, 2013