It Only Took 2 Months...

As a younger man I was always quite a straight-forward traditional guy, and thanks to Mother Nature giving me reasonably good looks, I got away playing Casanova with a great number of members of the fair sex. For many years I pursued skirts to the point that I found it difficult to settle down with my now lovely wife. But even as a young man, just getting the girl and enjoying her many pleasures was never enough. Soon I got bored and thought it was time to move on to the next... and the cycle repeated itself over and over.

Things were no different with my marriage and it's fortunate that I have a very obstinate wife because without the energy and determination she invested at making our marriage work, chances are we probably would have divorced by now. After a few years our marriage started improving slightly though and although things weren't exactly blissful yet, a reasonable level of happiness was in sight. One of the things that needed improving desperately was our sex life which had almost ground to a halt despite our respective high sex drives and liberated mentalities... meaning that instead of going through the 'hassle' of having sex together, most of the time we simply *********** separately! At the beginning of 2008 I tried to kick-start our sex-life again after discovering the horny pleasure of taking erotic pictures of my wife. We had a few sexy photo shoot sessions followed by pleasurable intercourse... but it was short-lived and soon our sexuality went back to the mediocrity of once a month, if at all!  

Still, taking pictures of my wife made me realize how sexy she is, what a gorgeous body she has and how desirable she would be to most men... i.e. me and other men! This initial seed germinated in my mind and soon I found myself photoshopping pictures of her naked with other men and I now have various fake pictures where she appears to be in sexual positions with a stranger. In summer 2009 my fantasies of her with other men broke out of my subconscious mind and I became fully aware of it. At this point, troubled by this new conscious revelation to self, I decided to do some research on the net to see if by any chance there were others out there who also fantasized about their wives having sex with other men without necessarily wanting to swing themselves. To my amazement I discovered the cuckolding culture and learnt how popular and widespread it is in the western world... I learnt with great arousal about the various roles (cuckold husband, hotwife and bull mainly), the various practices that take place in a cuckolding relationship, the role and place of the cuckold husband... and EP greatly contributed to my education on the subject! I read extensively on the subject, including two books, a fictional story and a factual one. Soon there was no longer any doubt in my mind: I wanted us to become a cuckold-hotwife couple and I consciously decided to actively start work at convincing my wife to embrace the idea.  

In the months that followed I first started by grooming my wife into becoming a more sexual person again. I wasn't always very clever and subtle with it but still achieved some results simply because suddenly she had become an object of worship again, which was very pleasant for her. Towards the end of the year came a point when I could no longer hide my true intentions so one day in early December, when she was 'sort-of' ready, I told her about my cuckolding fantasy! It was a bit of a shock to her and I had to educate her on the subject because the good girl she was had never heard of anything so strange before! Initially she was very reluctant about even discussing it but she relaxed progressively over time! I also had to spend some time and effort convincing her that I wasn't trying to have an affair myself and that our marriage and relationship would be safe no matter what happened. Nevertheless, at the time she denied anything sexual would ever happen between her and another man and it made me feel almost as if I had been dumped!  

 Fortunately, I was very lucky that at her work there's a 26-year old stud (12 years her  junior) who has fancied her for over two years. She always liked him as well but repressed her attraction for him due to our marriage, kids, etc. Over the Christmas period I encouraged her to get "closer" to him and I was hoping something would happen at their Christmas party. I wasn't so lucky back then as all they shared was a hug for the picture... Also my wife seemed to be adamant that she wouldn't have a fling with someone from work for fear of the gossips and potential consequences. Over time I know she thought about it though. A couple of times she had dreams and  in the few weeks that followed she dropped the odd hint every now and then! Finally, toward the end of January (one  month later) I had an amazing breakthrough: I managed to get her to send him a light flirty email on Facebook and this sparked it all off. The email soon turned to a correspondence, the correspondence to online chatting... and the chatting to flirting!

And then... oh my God! In just a few days of their conversations my wife became permanently horny. As each chat became more intense, my wife got increasingly addicted and she soon crossed the point of no return, when she and Jon admitted they both wanted each other sexually and made a pact that it would happen in the near future. My wife kept me involved, the more so as I helped her come up with witty responses in her flirting the first couple of days. When the first week-end came after her flirting she went through a bit of a crisis: she was overwhelmed with her own reaction, with how fast it all happened, with how incredibly horny she was, how distracting it was and how she was unable to focus on anything else... She also expressed concerns about our relationship, our marriage... and more specifically she worried that once she started having sexual relationships with Jon, that she would go crazy about him, that she would want to do it with him all the time and that she wouldn't want to have any with me anymore! Over the week-end she relaxed though and we agreed a model that would work for all parties involved: in the near future I would be her morning + day-time lover and, when their affair started, Jon would be her evening + night-time lover. We also agreed the two would be kept well separate, possibly with a day in between to mark the difference with a clear time span.  

Now with the prospect of Jon taking her to his bed soon, my wife is permanently horny and seemingly insatiable! Indeed we've had sex every day for the last 10 days or so, and each time we do we fantasize aloud on what it will be like between her and Jon. She wonders where he will take her, how he will "take" her, whether he'll be gentle and romantic or rough until it hurts (she hopes for the latter), she hopes he'll like her breasts, her body, her *****... and she's very graphical and completely unashamed when she describes the things she wants him to do to her and the things she plans on doing to him... she has even asked me to find her some kind of book or guide on how to give a man a perfect blow job, and she wants to practice on me!   At time of writing my wife is planning her first evening out with Jon. She has already agreed with herself that there would be plenty of french kissing and some touching/feeling involved, but that she wouldn't allow his hands in her knickers yet. Although her plan so far has been to make him wait until the summer for a full-blown sexual relationship, horny as she is I doubt very much she'll be able to wait that long and I wouldn't be surprised if I became a full Cuckold before the end of the month!  

Anyway, the point of this story is that thanks to the availability of a handsome young stud around, it took less than 2 months to convince my good-girl wife, my loyal and devoted wife, to become a ****-craving sex monster. I never suspected the fire that could be ignited inside her and I now pray that she goes on keeping me involved as she has done so far. Indeed, she is now fully unleashed and completely in control of the entire situation. From where she stands she is adamant that she will soon start having sex with Jon and that their encounters won't be about having a crap shag at the back of the car or a quickie on the corner of a kitchen unit. No, she's already warned me that when she goes to him, not to expect her back home before very late. She wants to take her time to go out, have a drink, enjoy teasing each other and only when they're hot and ready for each other, then go back to his place. Once there, again she wants to take her time to do it properly: kiss passionately, undress each other slowly, go to his bed and make love for hours if need be, to their hearts' content. She's also planning on having a long-term affair and to keep seeing him until he gets bored of her and moves on. So this kind of night is going to be regular, frequent... and how many they have depends mainly on him. Having said that he's just one fish in the sea and I've already encouraged my wife to keep an eye open out there, which she does, and she has already spotted a gorgeous policeman in our neighbourhood!  

Although all of this makes me extremely horny I can't help worry a bit... a lot maybe. I'm clearly turned on by my wife becoming a dominant liberated sex Goddess but at the same time I cannot help wondering: how will this affect our marriage, will she still be interested in me when I've become number 2, number 3 maybe...? Also, despite my fantasy, I cannot help feeling a little jealous: this young guy who hasn't even finished his studies yet will soon have my wife naked in his bed. He will be putting his hands on her, touching her in her most intimate places with his hands, his fingers, his lips, his tongue..., those places where by right of law only I am authorised to go to. And she will return the favours: her mouth, lips and tongue will also explore his body, worship his muscles, adore his youth and pleasure his manhood, possibly even drink the product of his lust. And in his sexual greed, he will take all that belongs to me: he will conquer her temple of love, my sacred place of worship, he will enter it with his manhood and in doing so, wipe my claim and take ownership. My wife will welcome his conquest and allow herself to be owned by him. As her reward he will then pleasure my wife intensely with his rythmic thrusts and, unashamed, she will pull him further within her loins and synchronize her pelvic motions with his. Again and again they will join each other in lust, their naked bodies mixing their sweat, sharing their juices... My wife will have intense *******, she will scream his name and scream again but she will keep going until in his turn, his ****** explodes inside her, and together they will join each other in one final climax. While I wait for my wife at home she and him will look adoringly into each other's eyes, grateful for the pleasure shared and amazed by each other's performance. Maybe they will stay in bed, wipe each other's sweat, have a drink, share a joke, play a bit, tease each other... and maybe start again!

When eventually she comes home she will look haggard with lust and wear a wide grin on her face. The next day, given an opportunity and if she is rested, she will hopefully tell me about the night before, tease me about it and maybe allow me to play with her a bit. It will most likely be a half-hearted approval for her and she will most likely tell me to get on with it and get it over with as soon as possible... but the tale of her exploits with Jon the night before are sure to send me to a mind-blowing ****** in just a few moments anyway... perfect.

My name is Alex and I am a Natural-born Cuckold!

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I am where you were at the beginning, trying to express to her my cuckolding fantasy and she told me 2 nights ago that she was heartbroken when she heard that I wanted her to be with someone else. She found a piece of paper that I wrote on a long time ago w/various alt websites and we got in a huge fight. I told her she knew that I had dark kinky desires before she married me and that she just ignore them and hope they would go away. I told her that I was doing research and that those websites were for her to better understand what I am going thru ( by the way I am still trying to figure it out myself ). Anyway we had incredible morning sex on Valentine's Day and stayed in bed until 1 pm. Still working slowly on her. I am scared because the sex is soo good between us but my fantasy keeps taking over, I am obsessed!!

my wife met a 19 year old, then 9 years her junior. They had a great time together until he transferred out of state to another school. <br />
<br />
Hot story. Thanks.

Thanks for your comments. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since I wrote this story and my wife is now well into her new affair, this time with an older man.<br />
<br />
I re-read my own story and couldn't help smiling when it reminded me that at the time I reckoned I would be cuckolded before the end of the month... because indeed I was. On 27 Feb, 18 days later, young Jon took my wife to a motorway-side hotel, where he had booked a cheap room in which he gave her her first night of extra-marital passion!

Amazing story, expertly written and I can't thank you enough for sharing. I hope to one day share the same experience with my very sexy wife.

Best story I've read

That is awesome!

Eyesopen, your wife is going her own way to experience her sexuality with other men, relish sharing her! enjoy the times she falls in love with them, feel the pain of her preferring other men to you, but relish her returning to you to satisfy her the only way a cuckold can and keep her ready for her lovers

Very similar situation indeed. Since I wrote this story my wife has started a full-blown affair with her young lover which obviously involves hot and steamy sex. The two of them have ventured far beyond anything I had ever tried with my wife and their sexuality is now far richer, more sophisticated, more complex and therefore more satisfying than ours. By her own admittance my wife now needs him (or other men) to feel completely fulfilled. Very horny but you can't have too big an ego for this kind of lifestyle and you can't be insecure either... not for the faint hearted.

I am in a similar position except that my wife has already had a few other men.<br />
<br />
She's very picky ( which I'm glad about) and not even really very highly sexed( until she gets going). She's starting to flirt on Facebook with a young guy we both know and on whom she has a huge crush.<br />
<br />
She clearly wants me to encourage her and I might even have to encourage him as she says she doesnt think he would want to do anything behind my back.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with experiances were much the same.<br />
You will go through all the emotions and feelings that go with becoming a cuckold knowing that a younger man has been there

We love our husbands. Period. We know they love us and trust us. What better way to experience life than not to worry about what your parnter thinks, ie jealousy, mistrust..etc. This way we can have multiple partners multiple experiences which we bring home to our husbands/b/f to excite them more. They have harder erections/*** more/ have much more lust/passion when they make love to us. I have great respect for me who trust their women. Trust their relationships.

This lifestyle is not for everyone but if you are open and honest to each other and about everything it can and will work! There are many different kinds of people out there so make rules!! Stick to those rules! If not then what you have will be lost forever! That being said GOOD FOR YOU!! Most people only dream of this kind of thing and never have the guts to bring it up! WTG!!

Brilliant!<br />
<br />
That last line, "My name is Alex and I am a Natural-born Cuckold!", almost made me cry. I love you man.

Cuckolding is a very strange fantasy and I'm still trying to understand it myself. After all, not long ago the idea of another man ravaging my wife would have outraged me. But I've had a life rich in sexual experiences, including having a married woman myself long ago... maybe this is the next natural step, things going full circle. Indeed at the moment the benefit to me is only psychological as I'm not about to be able to watch my woman and her lover any time soon; she will only be telling me about it when she returns. But I'm hoping that in time she will enjoy more and more kinky aspects of her newfound freedom and invite me to watch, perhaps even participate. Even now she already fantasises about having the two of us in bed with her, her lover pounding her hard and me licking her all over... fingers crossed that it happens.

I also cannot think about another man on my wifes life.