It Took Five Years From Suggestion To Consummation

Here is our story. My wife is a south Asian immigrant from a very conservative religious background. She says I was her first, but I never saw any blood when we first did it, and I think that she did it with one of the guys she had what she describes as innocent relationships before she came to the USA.

We were married more than 20 years when I noticed that when she talked about some guy who had made a pass at her that day at work, or at the supermarket or gas station, it turned me on.

Through the internet, I found out that a lot of married men were turned on by this, and I started to ask her for stories and encourage her to flirt back.

I asked her which men were after her at work and if she would like to **** them. She said no, and said I was crazy and sick for suggesting it.

She did play along sometimes, though. One thing that she would do is let me enter apart from her when we went out to a dance club and let me watch as she got hit on, talked and danced with men. This turned me on and made my heart race tremendously.

I kept asking her to take it further. It took five years from the time I first suggested it to the time she did it.  It heated up when I got a job which required that I spend a lot of time away from home. She started flirting with one younger guy at work, and would have done it if he made the move, but it didn't happen.

She also went out with her single coworkers when I was away and danced and took phone numbers. She met one guy who she said she was attracted to, but his travel prevented a hook-up.

Finally a former co-worker who used to flirt with her a lot came to town and called her up. I was away. She told me that she would do it, just for me.

I talked to her on the phone just before she went out. She told me she was dressing with a low-cut sweater, skirt and black stockings. She told me that she was going to do it unless I said no. I told her to go for it.

I talked to her the next day. She was a bit upset and hungover and it took me awhile to get the full story out of her through emails and phone calls.

She met him at a local pub/restaurant and they drank, she ordered a margarita, then another before they ordered dinner. She ended up drinking four through the night, which is a lot for her.

He then invited her to the place he was staying. It was an apartment which a friend away on business had let him use for the visit. On their way up the stairs he picked her up and carried her up the stairs, his hand brushing her breast on the way.

In the apartment, he put her on a couch and then put on some music, giving her a beer. It wasn't long until he asked her to dance to a slow tune. He held her close and played with her hair, complimenting her on how good she smelled. After he kept running his hand up and down her back, she told him how good it felt and asked him if he gave massages.

He was only too happy to give her a massage. He rolled out a comforter on the floor and pulled her down onto it. As she lay down face up, her skirt rode up high on her thighs. He stopped her from pulling it down again, saying "Let me see those beautiful legs." He then massaged her legs and worked his way up and inside her thighs. Soon he had his hands inside her sweater and under her bra. She weakly tried to push his hand away, but the line was crossed. He bent over to kiss her while he worked her breasts.

He undressed her, first her sweater and bra, then her skirt. He sucked her nipples, which turns her on tremendously.

He sucked her nipples and moved his hand down into her panties and panty hose. She was very wet, she said. When he felt that, he pulled her panties and hose down and put his mouth on her *****, licking and sucking her. She was helpless and could not resist anymore as he licked her and touched and gently pulled her breasts.

He then got up quickly and pulled his pants down and snapped a condom over his hard ****. She said that he was like me, about 6" but thicker. She then felt guilty and resisted as he penetrates her briefly. Then she pushes him off. He begged her, so she grabbed his **** and started sucking it. He turned around on top of her and they started 69ing.

The alcohol she drank is having more of an effect on her and she is woozy. She comes several times, but he won't come, probably because of the alcohol. She is sucking and stroking him with the condom on and finally he comes.

Then she feels guilty and starts crying and gets sick from the booze, vomiting in the bathroom. Not the best, but this was only the first time. He goes home to his city the next day and she hasn't seen him again.

tesao tesao
Mar 13, 2010