Some Christian Biopics

Taming The Tiger is about evangelist Tony Anthony, 3 times world kung fu champ & an ex-celeb bodyguard

Must be a book & film @ Chuck Norris, 7 times world karate champ, who did TV ads @ teaching the Bible in schools

From Witchcraft To Christ is @ ex-Queen of Black Witches, Doreen Irvine, who convened the Europen Conference of Witches & Satanists, who originally planned to give all the occult a fun image via kids cartoons, books, TV shows, movies, music, etc

She became an anointed healing evangelist & set many free from the occult

As did ex-Queen of Black Witches, Kathi Sharp of

W is @ GWB, inc his conversion & deliverance from booze

Chariots Of Fire is @ Olympic runner Eric Liddell

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Sep 17, 2012