i let some ******* get under my skin so now im really upset and i asked my friends for help but no one is responding... i feel really alone right now and am only staying alive right now because im on vacation with my family and dont want my young cousins to see my body
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Okay so let me get this right girl. Because some jerk made you upset you want to kill yourself over it, come on. I'm calling a little BS on that because I deal with Suicide, but if it was a guy they aren't worth it,

this guy has been verbally abusing me for weeks now... i was already at the edge before he started up again tonight because i am away from my house and am sleeping in a different bed tonight... ive attempted suicide several times in the past and you calling bs isnt gonna make me feel any better... which you should know since you "deal with suicide"

Your right. But I wanted you to start thinking. Is this something that is a temporary thing or a permeant that that will never change. I get this because I deal with it. We have the power to create or recreate the world as we see fit, we don't squander that power and we never give it away.l

Why give power to this guy because he sounds like he needs to be talked to about how a man is supposed to treat somebody. But why give anybody or any situation that much power to make you do something that you will regret.