At 21 years of age, I'm just waiting until money becomes a concern and I'm out. I will wait until my sister graduates high school so she will have a better understanding. It feels as if I was born into a game I never wanted to play.
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Please don't end your life. I've been dealing with suicidal thoughts, etc.. Since I was 13 and I still struggle. I'm now 17. I can't speak from experience that things get better but think of your sister. You say she would understand better but she would be devastated. When I overdosed my 4th time one of my family members sat with me and cried. He never cries but he did. I know life sucks for you and isn't worth it but maybe somehow you can find the strength for your sister. Hold on for her so she won't have to go through the pain you feel everyday. I know that's a lot to ask and its a long shot but just please hold on. If nothing else just know I care and believe in you

I hope things get better