So this isn't easy to say but I can't keep it inside anymore. I want to commit suicide, and I've had thoughts about it for a long time now. I'm 16 and I have told my mom, mentor and cousin. They say I need professional help but 3yrs later and still no help. I was thinking about committing it by the end of the year if I don't get professional help. I just want to say I can't take it anymore and I wish there was a way out!!!!
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Ok I have had suicidal thoughts all my life. I'm 36. They will likely not go away. What u must always remember is there are minutes hours days after these. Things can change at the snap of a finger. Do u really want to be known as the kind of person that is so selfish that all they care about is their own happiness? I'm sure there are people who would miss u. Just pure selfishness! Know that your life can change in a split second What if u miss the most wonderful thing u could imagine because u r too weak to wait for it.

Don't give up! Professional help can work wonders, and make you start feeling great. Tell a school guidance counselor that you need to see a real therapist. It just takes a little push to get everything going the right direction. You can do it! :D

tell your school nurse or a guidance counselor... usually they will arrange a meeting with you and your mom to talk about getting you therapy. at least thats what happened in my case. and if that doesnt work you can always go into a hospital and tell the triage nurse that you have been having thoughts of suicide and they will have you talk to someone there...