My demons are taking over me again and I know this time I'm not going be able to fight them off.
WhatsThePointInLifeAnymore WhatsThePointInLifeAnymore
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as a person who is fighting a deep depression you should talk to the people close to you and explain your situation. trust me it will make you feel better. in the slim chance they don't you can talk to me

I know it's no use saying stay strong but you have so much to live for, there are so many people who care about you and love you. There are so many people who would hate to see you kill yourself. You just have to keep fighting keep showing them demons that you are better than them and that they will not win. It's going to be a hard journey through a very dark tunnel but you have so much ahead of you and you're strong enough to fight this. You've already come this far, through all this **** don't give up now because I believe in you I know you can do this, I may not know or fully understand your emotions or thoughts but you are a very strong person and you will pull through this. You just have to 'stay strong'. I'm always gonna be here for you.

Dude don´t worry about ****. Calm down. Become aware of your habits (eating, sleeping, etc) Live healthy (Exercise!!!), and most of all don´t give a ****. This world is filled with Jack *****. Also don´t be guilty about ****. It is a useless emotion. So is fear. Become a problem solver and lead the life you want. Everyday try to do something new or do something better. Honestly go watch some videos of the best of Kenny Powers on youtube (character from Eastbound and Down) Take this opportunity to live to enjoy ****. That is why you are here. Get away from your parents also if you can. When I was your age I had no idea how messed up my parents were and I wish I moved out sooner. Just go for a 3 hour long walk in the woods than eat some mexixan food. There is no problem this cannot solve.