I Have That Feeling

i dont know why but from my childhood i have suicidal feeling when i was a kid i often think how i kill myself and now i m a great suicidal most of the time i spend by thinking how i will kill myself when i m on any building i want to jump from there and when i saw any blade or something like that i want to cut my wrist and want to cut myself and want to see my blood i love my blood very much i want to see them to come out from my cutes anyway i spend most of my time to thinking about suicide so i have a great suicidal feeling........

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7 Responses Mar 10, 2010

are you looking for a suicide partner like I am?

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I think the reason most of us are so sad and suicidal is isolation. I am now alone and wouldn't be so sad if I had friends or a mate. Maybe we can all get together somehow if we live close by and visit with each other. I know that would help my suicidal thoughts, to know I have to meet somebody and talk with them and go for a walk, go shopping with them....etc. It is the isolation that is bad for me. You are not alone, I wake up wondering If and when I am going to do it. My two cats have kept me from doing it so far but they are just not enough. Laura

Hello it is an actual thing that when people are on a bridge or building they feel like jumping and they are not wanting to kill themselves but it is a strong urge same goes for sharp stuff as for the blood you just want to feel human again , Please know you are among friends and we care. lots of love and hugs it will get better.

i know that i don't know you, personally yet, nor can i change what others have done to you. if you would please allow me though, on behalf of all those who did anything to hurt you, to make you feel less than, who didn't show you the love and kindness that you are so worthy of, i want to say that I am so very sorry, i am so sorry for what you have gone through. my apology is so small compared to what you have been through but please accept it, i ask you for your forgiveness as well, not because it is deserved but because it is hard to begin to heal when you are still holding on to all the pain and disappointment. it is was never ok that you were treated that way, it was never ok for you to be violated, it was never ok for you to be humiliated and abused, what was said, those lies, were never true, they were never true. i'm so sorry that there wasn't someone there to protect you when you were scared and felt all alone. i'm so sorry there wasn't anyone there to defend you like i wanted to. i am so sorry you went through what you have, it really wasn't supposed to be that way.<br />
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i want you to know that even though much of your lives, you have had hopelessness, and maybe you can't even remember of imagine what it's like to really feel hopeful and happy without bad feelings coming back. i can understand because i've felt like that for a portion of my life. i want to know that things are going to change for the better in your life and you will see that life was meant to be good and not full pain and suffering. you will see that things can be healed that you thought could not be and that you could really smile again and mean it. the fear, the death, the torment, the lies, the pain, the control, is leaving now and a new chapter of life is beginning and you will see that Love is real and is good and is pure and does not fail and redeems the past and that it's never to late to live. i love you guys, you are some of the most bravest people i've met. thank you and bless you:)


How, do you think, would she feel, if someone committed a suicide because of her?