And Im Tired

of it all.but at times,i see something,that is so beautiful,i think to myself im happy to be alive.but,i dont think that thinking too much,could be the problem.the man who has nothing.i was driving to the local quicky mart,at 500am,people,driving off to 9 to 5 jobs.the rat race.that too,ive been denied it seems.the chech out guy,greets me cheerfully,too cheerfully.i realise,he is my depressed state i think i wish i was gay,it seems people like that have an easier time finding partners.but,maybe im wrong,what the **** do i know?
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

hellow i have suffered from depression for 12years now and not to mention anxiety im a single mum with a child who relies on me i have started to get rid of all negative people around me and have found new friends who are positive and it really does change the way you think and feel dont forget that this is but a chemical imbalance in the brain once you balance is corrected you will feel the diffrence even you can go and get energy healing done its not a one day fix but i tell you it does work but you really do need to speak to your doc first they will know what to do you keep fighting and never give up.

what is causing you to feel depressed there has to be something that is making you feel like this sory i only ask cause i know how it geels and because i do care for those who struggle with depression.