Why Women Take The Abuse

Met him in 1990, he was so nice and handsome wearing his Navy Uniform. I was a 26 year old divorcee, in college and raising 2 kids ages 1 and 4. By 1992 we were married and i had another baby. He started sleepwalking and throwing fits of rage over little things. The first time he hit me I was 5 months pregnant. He blacked one of my eyes and i had to stand up in front of my class and do a speech. I never felt so alone and depressed in all of my life. I should have left him then but I did not think I could raise 3 small kids all alone. So I stayed. We fought like cats and dogs all the time. In 2000 he left us and I worked to keep a roof over our heads. It was hard. 2001 after a 1 year separation, we got back together. I got pregnant and had a baby in 2002. He verbally and physically beat me down while I did everything I could do to keep my children together. I graduated college with a Bachelor of arts degree in Public Administration in 1996. We had fight after fight. He took away the person I use to be.'in 2004 my mother died and i lost all hope because she was the only person he could not scare out of my life. Presently, 3 of the children are grown up and doing exceptionally well. I have no job but to raise my 9 year old. He pays all the bills and make sure I have no $ for gas to go anywhere. He has not hit me in over a year because he thinks I have a gun in my bedroom. If we leave and cant go far away, i believe he would kill me, so i stay and take the name calling and everything else. Recently, I have been looking for jobs online. Who is going to hire an intelligent housewife who has been out of the workforce for 7'years. I am trapped and i dont know what to do.
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Go with a family memeber that can help you. Do not stay with him. When i was 18 years old i suffer from domestic violence i did not want to leave the person cuz i love that person alot but i finally did it and i feel great. I have found a great person that loves me and respects me most important takes care of me. Good Luck We are here to help you.

I was going to rant about how woman should get to know the man before marrying them, but i think you've already learnt the lesson the hard way. Theres so many stories of woman talking about their failed marraige because their husbands changed for the worse.. common pattern being they got married pretty quickly after meeting each other. <br />
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Theres nothing you can do i guess... he supports you guys, you have kids so you cant leave him..... you dug a big hole for yourself. Keep applying for work, hopefully something comes up. Keep that gun loaded.