Neighbors And Some Friends

Have been living with a man for the last 6 years who verbally and physically abuses me. We are no longer dating each other just living together til finances permit for us to part, in the meantime he continues to drink heavily and is lmost daily abusive in one manor or another. What I find very hurtful and I can't seem to understand is sometimes he is abusive around theneighbors some I would even call friends and yet the do or say nothing when he behaves this way. Not only do I feel the pain from my abuser but I feel deserted and alone by others who clearly are aware of what's going on. I am asked as a victim to have faith and trust in others so that I can leave my current situation but how can I when others look the other way. There actions or inactions make me feel as if I am all alone and will have no support and that I am in this all alone.

Can anyone give me any feedbak?
damagedgoods2 damagedgoods2
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I think your only choice is to get out as soon as you can. Friends can feel threatned by your ex.