I need to know if I'm experiencing literal abuse or overreacting. My boyfriend with lightly slap me as a joke or things like that if I don't obey. New years however he smashed my cell and puthis hands around my throat to the poiny of hand print bruises. Then proceded to say are you done crying so I can apologize. Which made it feel fake. Its been six years and untill the summer all has been fine I love him and don't know how to handle this I am an 105lb 5.5 female with a 6.1 180lb bf. Help.
aliikellyy aliikellyy
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Run! You know this is abuse.

That' s abuse sweetie. Get out right now! Don' t stay. it will only get worse. I' 've been there and whatever story you make up in your head is wrong. it isn't your fault. It won' t get better. Get out now. trust me.

if he' s doing that,he doesn't respect you. it's hard to leave someone you love but if he's doing that... He doesn't love you anymore and if you stay he will get worse and really hurt you. My mom tried to leave an He shot her. She kept telling herself it would get Better because they loved e/o. Now where is she?