Destroyed My Life

im 19 and it was just a few months ago i found the strength to break free from a seriously violent relationship with my daughters dad. we was together for three years and i fell pregnant at 16, i was so alone and my emotions were all over the place and thats when all the stuff began to start. i was beaten black and blue on a weekly sometimes daily basis althrough my pregnancy but was to scared to tell a soul. i always had a black eye or big bruises over my body, i was chucked in the street naked, had my belly kicked, punched, kicked, locked in the flat, had pillows held over my face the list is endless. when my daughter was born he promised me it would be different and i wanted to believe him, for my daughters sake. things never really changed, he would always call me down, eventually i cut my self off for my family and friends after he had attacked me and then my friend i was to ashamed to face anything. the only thing that got me through was my girl i had to protect her but then there was no way out. He continued to be violent more publicly, i was his property and what he said went. he had thrown solid shelves at me other items spat on me suffocated me. he would often abuse me during sex or if i refused he would just have sex with me anyway, i never had a choice but i stayed strong for my daughters sake. Life was hard for me and i still struggle so much its not been long since i finally found the courage to get away or i knew he would have killed me. i still blame my self for basically everything he did to me and has messed me up emotionally. im so glad to be safe and away from him but every day im haunted by what hes done.
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you silly girl just leave

Tell ya what I want in my life now after 30 ******* years of abuse....I want chocolate,and I want shoes...nice shoes from payless or Kmart and maybe I wanna Brad Pitt kinda guy

what the hell do you mean when you say you blame you?

Sweetheart-at your age get the hell out now. I met my abusive husband with similar story when I was your age too but finally left(after many years of trying). He will ruin your self esteem so much that you will eventually feel totally worthless. He will drag you down and take away your friends , family and work. I am now 56 and with a lot of help from people who cared I climbed out of that hell hole. Hope you do the same. God Bless

hi i am sorry to hear ur story stay strong