Was It Mental Abuse

i became very best mates with my mate we then became a couple it was good for four years but at start he did nick money off me once about two years back he get angry very quickly he been on class a drugs on and off for 10 years it was in the last year he would call me names blame me and kids for everything put us down didnt give us time of day and lie all time but if mate came round he be all perky and normal he then started to speak how did with me to her i feel so ashamed i didnt do anything instead i was angry and hurtin and cos how much i try to make him see wot he was doin i started to get angry with children and what more shameful is i did it knowin i would not get back from them wot i did for him so was i a victum or abuser im glad to say now he gone dump me and fell in love girl week later and im trying to now be the mum i should have been but im killin at moment cos he was makin out crazy before we broke so now trying to tell people how it was he made me look a fool even not bein here
jems1979 jems1979
Nov 23, 2011