Is This Abuse?

i'm not sure if I'm in an abusive relationship or not. he tells me i'm crazy and i keep getting on more and more antidepressants so i don't care when he tells me I'm stupid. I've taken care of our two children now for four years and he maintains that he's been the only one working. He tells me when I say I put my inheritance in this house and i should own half of it that i don't know what i'm talking about. When I go to the store with food stamps he yells always that i've taken too long when i've gone as fast as i can. He takes the car seats with him when he leaves so i can't go anywhere, which i couldn't really cause he won't give me a dime- says i'll never see a dime of child support either if i ever try to leave him. he walks away when i'm in the middle of talking and when i try to please him and make a nice dinner, he doesn't come when i tell him it's ready and complains cause it's cold. am  i being picky. am i really crazy? i can't stop crying all the time and my 2 and 3 year old see me and feel so bad. none of my friends will talk to me anymore, but at least i have a dry place to be....right? he does pay the bills and mortgage. maybe I'm crazy like he says. he'll probably see this and get mad that I've told someone else when he told me not to.

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

You are NOT crazy at all. I suffered a lesser degree of abuse but it was similar nonetheless. No one deserves anything less than love and respect and the only reason he treats you that way is because he does not love or respect himself.