I'm 13 , Depressed And Wanna Die

I'm a 13 year old girl and I'm looking for some advice on what to do so ok i almost killed my self before I've been think about killing my self but now I'm not sure , but I wanna do it I think I sould . U know I always wondered y people wrote stuff like this and that it was stupid but know I know y it doesn't make you feel as alone . I hate my life alomast every thing about it and I think by killing my self I can just end my life and the world is better of when I'm dead and for once I wanna ask for help cuz I'm tierd of feeling so depressed . I'm starting to lose my best friend cuz I'm so depressed all the time . My mind is always going just end your life know make the world better . And I actually feel like cutting my self alot I've done it twice before and I wake up every morning hoping ill just fall asleep and die I've tried suffocating my self and alomost blacked out quite a few times and its not like I've got it bad off I got a roof over my head and food to eat but me And mom have been having problems also because I started hanging out with a guy neighbor my age and we had a cush on each other for years so we dated doing nothing inappropriate just some time we snuggle together when we watch a movie or sit close and we hold hands hanging out . That's it and my mom found out and got furious I am in longer alowed to leave my house with out a supervisor not even just to through out the trash and she made us break up and it's really took a big part on my depression . Also another big downer in life is school Im pretty popular but I hate popularity I'm quite shy and don't like too talk much my teacher hate me and call my parents my teachers also think I have ADHD and dyslexia I've never been tested school is real hard for me . Also I have too worrie about my bully . And so far since I've been depressed I've lost 15 pounds . Please advice and thanks for reading my really long story and they advice.
Mewacko Mewacko
22-25, F
Dec 2, 2012