There are so many times where I've said to myself, "I wish I would die." I have access to so many different ways. Sometimes I think about overdosing on my anti-depressants, or hanging myself with a rope in the garage or just taking the keys to my moms car and trapping myself in the garage with the car on. When I think about it, It seems like everyone would be better off without me living.  I've even thought about running into an 18 wheeler while driving, that way nobody would get hurt hopefully. Or just jumping off a high building. Last year at school I tried to go hang myself in the rest room, but the counselor spotted me in time. Sometimes when my mom yells at me or hits me with the yard stick I look at her and think that perhaps she really doesn't love me...perhaps she just tolerates me. Even one of my best friends say that I'm a creep. They don't  realise how much it hurst when they say it to me, I guess becuase I never tell them...but they're probably right.

at night I wish some deranged murderer would come kidnap me, tie me up with barbed wire, beat me halfway to death with a crow bar and then take a chainsaw and dismember me piece by piece. At least it would all end....It would alll end
BlueEye12 BlueEye12
Jul 16, 2010