Every Now And Then,in My Darker Moments...

Sometimes,I admit,I think about it.I don't think about actually DOING it,but I think about HOW I would do it,hypothetically,like.I've come up with a pretty bizarre method of suicide that,if I did commit it,I would go through with.Basically,I'd find some kind of big fire,one that's hot enough to completely incinerate your body,like the flame from a giant blow-torch.I'd stand at the side of it and then shoot myself in the head or,if I can't get a gun,just jump in so that my body is reduced to charred bones,perhaps even dust.I've always kind of hoped that when I died my body wouldn't be found,partly because of my solitary nature but mostly because I've seen how the dead are treated once they're gone.I saw the ashes of my grandfather and one of my great uncles just dumped on a beach like rubbish from a waste basket.I hear the stories of people contesting wills and seen graffiti on graves and I just don't think I'd be able to die at peace,knowing that any of that might happen once I'm gone.All I ask from the world is a live and let live policy and a little common courtesy and I don't always get that in life,so how can I expect to get it when I'm dead???
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You better not ever commit suicide, the world needs you whether you realize this or not. If you were to do that the world would lose a rare soul.

I know. But myself, Idon and Vlow tried contacting him. He doesn't want to be helped, it's ridiculous that he's in this much pain....I don't know what else to do but pray and hope he settled down...*sigh*

I'm not THAT religious. I have my belief in god/the creator but Christianity is corrupt. Not fully involved in such taint of dark influence. Anyway you did what you could, you were there for him and offered him your sentiments. That's more than what he could've asked for right now, so don't beat yourself over it ok? Karma wouldn't respond to our messages either, I hate it when suicide victims get to this stage, completely throw away all rational thought, close yourself off and refuse to let anyone in knowing you want help......

Oh. I see. Well at least know that he felt comfortable and trusting enough to go to you LZJ. That is an honor even if it didn't work out, you were still there and at least you tried, perhaps all he needed was to know that...you were willing enough and care. I'm only going to hope for the best case scenario not the worst...won't do me much good thinking otherwise...yeah I agree. Too bad religion is networked with Illuminati...think it was from the start. Anyway, just try to keep positive. I'll be working on your art piece so chin up, Karma will be okay.

Anytime pal. And you have the heart of adamantine :D

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