The Start Of A Nude Sunbathing Addiction

I was not brought up in a naturist family, but discovered I really enjoyed being naked whenever I could.  My first experience that I can remember was skinny dipping at over night camp.  My parents tell me that as a young child that I liked running around naked but don't really remember that.  I really looked forward to those nightly skinny dipping sessions at camp.  They felt so natural and was such fun splashing around in the water and running around on the beach with a group of fellow campers under the cloak of the night sky.  At the time I was a tweener and continued the practice when I came home from camp.
      I would often venture out in the backyard in the summer days when my parents were not home to sunbathe nude in the yard.  I can remember the feel of the sun feeling so good on my body and it felt so good being nude.  I also started going nude in the house when I was at home alone.  After doing this for a few weeks, I was invited by my next door neighbor to go to the beach with them.  She was a single mother whose daughter I played with.  When we arrived at the beach, she informed me that it was clothing optional which I didn't understand till I saw some naked people.  My friend said that we come here all the time.  I then summized that my neighbor must have seen my sunbathing nude in my yard.  She said that it was ok if you want to leave your swim trunks here.  I remember being a little nervous because i had been busted.  She said it was our secret and she took off her top and her daughter, my friend, got naked and ran in the water towards some of her beach friends. They called me to come in and join.  My neighbor took off her bikini bottom and lay a few feet from.  It was the first time that I had seen a fully naked woman close up.  There were other nude people on the beach, and I thought that this place was great.
      Being in my tween years and being a bit excited, I was noticabley excited and my neighbor said that it was perfectly normal and just go have fun.  I took off my trunks and ran in the water to join my friend and her friends.  I felt so exposed as I ran towards them and could feel all thier eyes watching me or so I thought at first.  I quickly forgot I was naked among the mixed gender group as we frolicked in the water and sand.  I remember not wanting to leave as it started getting late.  All the people were so nice and friendly.  We all said our good byes and headed for the car where we got dressed.  I really loved being naked.  We went to the beach a few more times for the season and I often saw my neighbor sunbathing nude in the yard as well.  It was great being naked with them and grew to love simple nudity in a non sexual way.
jamnatr jamnatr
41-45, M
Jan 10, 2013