The weather in Collioure is Mediterranean, that's to say long warm summers and short, bright but cool winters. It seldom snows and freezes even less frequently. You need your suntan cream most of the year. The skies are swept clear by the Tramontane wind, the Marinade blows across the Gulf of Lions and, from time to time the hot Sirocco wind can bring red dust to Collioure from the Sahara.
The light, so loved by artists, bounces and reflects off an azure sea.

I love to lie on one of the six beaches here and sun worship. I usually do this with just a Tahitian pareu wrapped around my hips. It is a short but very bright garment usually, tied over my left hip, and I hardly ever wear anything beneath it despite some of the pareus I have are quite thin, even flimsy.

I can untie them too, when I turn prone, onto my front, my tummy, to continue my tanning on my seat!
Anuledroan Anuledroan
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Thank you for the lovely image. Made me smile.