First Time Topless

My first time sunbathing topless was when I was 14. My bro and I went on holidays to the beach with M&D. M&D left us at the beach for the day while they went and did some other thing (went to the museum I think). I lost my bikini top in the surf, and despite my bro and I looking for it for ages we never found it. Neither of us had a shirt with us so I had not choice but to stay topless all day until M&D picked us up. I was embarrassed at first but got used to it. Now I hate wearing a top and have absolutely zero tan lines

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6 Responses Feb 10, 2011

Well, that's one way to start! Good for you. You got over you initial embarrassment and embraced it. Hope it was a topless beach, as that would have made it easier. If it wasn't, then you deserve even more praise for dealing with the situation.

My first thought to a story like this is 'did she cover up in the car' :D

How old were you ? What was your brothers reaction at first ? then after seeing that way for awhile ? what about M & D at first ? then when you left the beach ? did thye mak eyou get dressed when you left ?

Do you go topless at home around family since everyone was seen you ?

Recommend it to to others your age ?

Very nice story! It is great, that, but accident, you faced up with that trouble and broke up an ashame to you and your body. Even thought you are only 14. Very nice surprise

...and you had no towels?

Any of your friends go topfree?