Amazing Circumstances

During following hospitalisation there were also some shocking for me events. Despite of fact that one of man, who were in the room was regularry reading a paper "Cats"(with naked babes), there was a big bomb of curious events. Firstly, one of co-patients was a reserved  lieutenant of our state army and, secondly he was a retired history teacher. (Sincerely speaking, he is a very nice, elder, handsome, and clever man). What is more, it spread out, that he knows nearly all of my teachers from secondary school. What was else??? Not too happy. I have heard news that my mathematics teacher has died in age of 78. Really pity because he was a really clever man!. What has happened else? I have just written about my extremely nice meeting with my class friend as nurse. She has told me also that she has our historician! What is more, I have known about his illnes, because I have met him on jubilee of my school (there was a 100th anniversary of it's establishment). There was a while I thought twice again "What's the Hell!". Firstly, co- patient, who knows nearly all my teachers. Secondly, this cute girl in nurse uniform spread out as my best class friend and now she was my best spiritual solution. Now, it spreads out that our common historician teacher was hospitalized at that same hospital ward and in the same sick room. In addition, I know there was exactly that same ilness! Fortunately we did not meet each other on this same hall in the same time. But why was it bad??? Sincerely speaking, I do not know. I think if we had met, we would have talked in three about very interesting things as old pupils with old teacher!.
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2 Responses Oct 29, 2011

It seems that your world has just gotten more interesting as time went by, but to have something like this to happen is not only interesting but clearly something that was put into motion long before and hopefully long, during, and after more interesting things eventuate . See you around.

Quite very coincidental to have such an occasion. Dear my recently added Polish friend, I do have experience in working with a Polish team of some 12 to 17 people from across various regions of Poland, for few months in my native itself. Jolly and jovial we all enjoyed team lunches, team visits and team celebrations. Polish is not my cup of tea though as a language, your experiences and some stories (regarding the cops/investigators) in your nation is truly inspirational. It would be truly awkward to compare though, your narration and some of the Polish broadcast has thrown light into the system you have. Perhaps I should take time to get back to you, that very soon and hope to see you in the chilled temperatures soon.