First Time Topless

I first went topless on holiday in Cyprus with my mum and younger sister.

I was 17 at the time and on the first day, my mum had taken her top off when we were at the beach and then spent most of the week topless. I hadn't really thought about doing the same myself but on about the second day of the holiday, I fell asleep whilst lying on my front. I was wearing a bandeau type top and I'd undone the strings on it so as not to get tan lines on my back. I've no idea how long I'd been asleep for but obviously came round after a while and instinctively turned over on to my front.

Still being half asleep, it was only when my mum said something like "you'd better put some suncream on your nipples if you're going to sunbathe topless" that I realised that my breasts were exposed in public for the first ever time. I was surprisingly unflustered by it, probably helped by the fact that my mum was similarly exposed. I ended up just leaving my top off and felt really comfortable and relaxed with the sun on my breasts. After that, the only time I had my top on was walking to and from the hotel. I even went swimming without my top, in the sea and the hotel pool, and played beach tennis with my sister.

Since then, Ive sunbathed topless on every holiday, whether with my family or friends.
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Nice story, loved it!

Its nice that you had a positive first experience, and nice that it occurred in such a supporting environment.

I know I'm a guy but I there is nothing as pretty than a toppless girl on the beach tanning love to get invited to sit down and talk the girls are usually much kinder and open to us guys

Seems like you had (and have) a genetic predisposition for being topless from your mother's side ;)

Possibly. We're quite relaxed around the house but being exposed in public for the first time in front of strangers was very different.

I can imagine this - but I think the normalcy of this "first five minutes" and the normalcy of being topless for your mommy will made it usual for you to be topless everywhere where you´re sunbathing. And yes, I´ve a kind of a "genetic predisposition" for toplessness, too :-).

Feels so good to have on so little. Good job!

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It´s really a very naturally way to toplessness - without the "first ugly five minutes" at the first time - I´m sure you´ll have not much need for a bikini-top in future. Btw: It´s the same relaxed way of feeling comfortable when my mum and I are topless together at a beach or public swimming pool - with the one difference that we both are one generation older than you and your mum...:-( Yes, and never forget the sunprotection, especially for the nipples:-)<br />
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