In 2 Countries Lol

I've gone topless on bathing locations in Sweden, some places you feel ackward wearing a top because every woman was topless.

I've sunbathed topless in California, actually there you were a wussy if you wore a bathing suit in the hot tub and pool at my friend's house so we were always nude there. No big deal if there were just women there, a little weird and uncomfortable if there were naked men there also, if there were any men I just sat next to my friend.

Going topless isn't a big deal, men have boobs also, you don't see them wearing bathing suits. I've seen men with bigger boobs than me and they let them hang loose and free, why shouldn't I be able to do the same? hmmm

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Good for you!! I totally agree!!

lovely attitude.

Being topless is such a big issue only here in U.S. In Europe, South America, Australia etc it is pretty common & often the norm. No one even gives a second look.

boobs free it is! wish i could be around a space where the body wasnt as fetishized as it is where i live...

****... OH MY GOD I ******* LOVE BIG JUICY ****

Exactly , ladies also must set their boobs free