Hear No Evil.

I just move into a new home a year ago. I have encountered some problem with my neighbor. Since October 25, 2009, I have been hearing music at night. I have reasons to believe that my neighbor has put some kind of device on my house Problem is, it is low enough that only I can hear it. I have had private investigators and have even callled the police, but they can't hear anything. Every night, as soon as I close my curtains, I can hear pounding. Some coming from under my house and some from outside. I have asked my boyfriend if he hears it. He said no and that I was crazy and needed help. I had my hearing checked. I have a wider hearing range than most people. So it bothers me that others can;t hear what I am hearing. I feel like the is more of a curse than a gift. IDo anyone know of any one that can help me out? Or can someone give me some advice as to how to handle this? I know that the devices are there because one night I show the shadow of someone walk passed my bedroom window. Is there a way to change my hearing so I want hear it? Earplugs don't work. White noise don't work. Any suggestions?
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well i have above average hearing but your problem could actually be psycholoical. not gonna say it is or anything but your neighbor may be messing with you

You need to find the source of all the different sounds. Try sneaking around at night when everything is relatively quiet. In my house, I can hear faint buzzing or clicking, beeping, water moving in pipes, heating system cycling through...you know the sounds I mean. if I could hear it all and I couldn't instantly identify where and what it was it would drive me nuts. <br />
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Also, those ultrasonic mice and mosquito deterrent things are clearly audible and have no proven effect clearing mice or insects out. My neighbor had one in his front garden over in his yard that drove me crazy until the battery finally died. I kept telling him they were a scam but he wouldn't get rid of it or believe it was audible.