Super Human Hearing?

Hi, Just writing to say, I have Super Human hearing, and it is destroying my life.  I have to wear earplugs for 20hrs a day.  Things that really bother me is snoring.  I can hear it, even with ear plugs in.  Crunching food, like popcorn and chips, HURTS..  Bubble gum hewing is the worst, well, actually, as bad as snoring.. The noise angers me.  I hear AND process EVER sound that I hear, reguardless is there are 20 things going on at the same time.  Its very annoying, and sometimes wish I had a volumn control knob on my ears.  I guess, even my smell and taste is very very good, but the hearing, goodness, i sometimes, well, most of the time, cant take it, ugggg..  I can almost gaurentee, if there is a scientific study on me, it would be off the charts for humans..

Even with ear plugs, its annoying, cause i then hear, noise like TV static, you know, the fuzzy channel, with the volumn cranked..

My vision is very good, at night,

well, thanks for listening, just venting, cause right now, Im annoyed cause of snoring
tiredofstrugglin tiredofstrugglin
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Train your ears. I can hear at least 24 kHz but it doesn't hurt because my ears instantaneously tense whether a sound is irritating, I couldn't do very well it until a few years after I started producing music and mixing my own stuff. I find it hard to believe a lot of the claims here, not because they say they have super human hearing but because what they say doesn't make sense unless its hearing damage they are experiencing and not superhuman hearing. While I can sympathise with loud high frequencies from things like cutlery touching, or a fork touching a plate(so irritating) .. Its around 2000-4000 hertz where the loudest sounds to humans are regardless of how far your hearing extends.. simply because the human ear/inner ear is a certain size and that size causes resonance at this frequency range. As I said I can hear well over 20 kHz but it doesn't hurt unless its loud. I can echolocate with 1 ear despite reading that people can't do it and I have this weird ability too where I can sort of hear before it rains or when theres a storm brewing with pretty good accuracy too! My ears look different to other people's too. My tragus extends across my ear and they are pointed (not like elf ears but sort of cupped to a point like a seashell) Yet you wouldn't notice unless you looked directly at them looking for the difference. While I've seen people with pointed ears, not once have I seen a tragus the same on another human.

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Sounds like you have Misophonia

whats that?

u there

i too have this special ability, just by hearing the sound of someone walking I can tell if they are a jew or not

I have had that same experience, thanks for sharing wise wizard

the dude above me is gay

thats actually racist mkay

u have the a billity to sense holyness dont u

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I'm not alone!!!! when I was six I was tested and the doctors discovers that i hear 3x the average human. I get ear infections like crazy and I have blown my eardrums more times then I can count, but instead of going death my hearing increases. it still happens after every time I burst my eardrums. my hearing keeps on getting better even though 1 am getting older (although I'm only 19).

I cant stand the sound of chewing! if I lesion to that sound for to long I will black out. my mom and dad use to get so mad when ever we ate diner because I would freeze and become unresponsive. after a few years my mom sent me to this brain speculates and I had to ware this weirs on my head for a week. they discovered that I was having mini seizers every time I was exposed to curtain sounds. it was a relief to find this out because my parents stopped yelling at me and they allowed me to put earplugs in at diner time. I could still her the awful noise but at lest I did not black out as often as I use to.

its a curse though. for any one who thickens it would be cool to have super hearing you are dead wrong. I have to ware earplugs and head phones (like the kind you would were in a shooting range) and I can still hear perfectly fine. let me tell you being a 19 year old college girl and having to were ear plugs all the time is not fun. I have never had a boyfriend and I the only friends I have are the people I work with who do not know that I were earphones all the time. I am so lucky that my work dose not allow us to eat or even chew gum :D

you don't know how happy I am to discover that I am not alone. I have been bullied my hole life because of my hearing. I cant even count how many times people have grabbed my head and chew right in my ear. people thinks its funny to make me freak out. just knowing that there is some one else who has this problem is kind of comforting. I'm sorry I know it must be harsh on you, and I wish you did not have to go thought the same stuff. I should not be happy that there are others who suffer the same, but I do feel better knowing that I am not alone.

I hope all of you with this same problem can live happy bullying free lives. I hope you can all find a way to deal with this problem. I m not alone any more and nether are you.

im 19 my thoughts are vary similer i were headphones alott and have one ov my abilitys is bad try that pluse strength speed flight and tele abilitys controle and altering somewons mind and im able to move stuff.i protect the people i love.listin um man im not good with this but do u wanna know me single and im still u

They bully because they are jealous. They dont have something that makes them special

U should not be ashamed. It may be anboying but why not use it for good? It sounds almost like a power. U can do something most cannot, try to see it as a gift. Use this ability to make a difference in the world :)

Oh my goodness you are not alone! My mom thinks I'm crazy because of my hearing capabilities. One of many examples, my mother was working on a craft project and dropped a pin, I was at least 5ft away from her and I could hear and identify where the pin landed (I did not see it). High pitch noises like smacking gum and chewing, like you, I get very angry! Often will have to excuse myself if I can't make the person stop. I feel your frustration! I wish we could put it to use somehow!

I'm having a... shockingly similar experience. It started over night, and it's just gotten worse and worse and worse. It's almost unbearable... is there any way to fix this? Is it a tumour or something, how'd it start?

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Hi my name is joe and I also have the gift of super hearing. I had to go on unemployment at ups because watching people load boxes made my ears hurt. I once heard my mom Bonnie get her period. Also when I feed my goats I can hear a meatball hoagie being made at Tri Town market a mile away. I fell into a rabbit hole around 2 years back and broke my ankle I believe that in doing this I some how some way unbeknownst to me adopted the rabbits acute sense of hearing. And sometimes I find myself trying to scratch my neck with my foot. I did not how ever show any signs of strength gain but did gain weight. Also no speed gain either but I do crave clover from time to time. I have not had sex since the accident so I don't know how that will go either. Is this uncommon? Am I some kind of freak? Or just very lucky to have received such a gift? any way thanks for listening and hopefully some feedback on my problem god bless and thank you,joe "Obama 16"

What a total *******! You can just tell this guy lives at home with his parents and probably has a speech impediment...

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I can also notice anything that changes in the environment. So, if I was looking straight into the woods and something (even if it was a leaf) moved, I would detect it and lock on to it with my peripherals.

go and become a homicide detective


I can sense electrical objects in the room, I have enhanced peripherals, I can pick out a certain voice in a crowded room, I can react to the environment around me very quickly; even if something tries to hit me from behind, I can climb very fast, if I want to lift something heavy, I will do it. I agree that the most annoying thing is the hearing. When an electrical object is turned on, I get a ringing in my ear. People obviously have trouble believing me, so I have to prove it to them sometimes. I wish I found an explanation. Also, for some reason, every person that I look at when walking down the street, I think of an attack plan within seconds. I feel prepared to fight all of the time.

very good, very good indeed! stay sharp.

It is all a matter of concentration. I discovered this while concentrating on hearing the train, 'cuz I was so bored of waiting.

I have very good hearing i can control it like i can hear what i want and i have a really good sense of smell and very good night vision as they call it and have a very quick reaction. i like to think of my self as a evolved or late evolved human also i have a very quick thought process for things happening around me. I have saved my friends life twice because he didn't know a car was coming and he just froze then i pulled him away from it my friend was also about to get into a fight and he didn't see he had a knife of the person he was going to fight and i seen it at the last minute and i ran in and i got super human strength you know like what a mother gets to save her child that is in serious danger. He is like a brother to me. Also when i was in primary school or or the first grade if your american my teach was about to sit down but because of the chair being so small i ran in behind her and caught her just i had let her drop on me because i was young and i wasn't strong but she and the rest of the class was stunned by my actions. I think i am super human. well i like to think i am super human. my mum just says that its because i am young i am only 15 years old so i do not know i also have very good and crystal clear sight and i can read the very last letter when you get your eyes tested very clearly i can also see from very far away were my friends from the same age can't and i have loads of friends. hah but i might be special in a good way and scientists might love to study me but i hate needles and all that so i would get angry and probably get very angry because when i'm angry i get very very strong and i'm very week when i calm. hope you enjoyed reading this and have a good day ;).

lol i have that too but instead of quick reaction i can usually tell people's emotions with out them telling me:)

Yes, it is because of the electronic devices from your house.

I have the same problem, super hearing. I also have ringing in the ears, does anyone have the ringing with the super hearing? Thank you..

wow, I feel that you have a gift, but it can be slightly uncomfortable. Don't worry though You'll be absolutely fine, I suggest you learn how to control your hearing which could take a while.<br />
<br />
There is a person I know who can literally hear a whisper from a far distance! I found it difficult to believe until I read many accounts from other people's lives!

I have the same problem, it started when I was about 5 years old and I always noticed my dad could never hear anything. I had problems with my ears and was in and out of the hospital, finally I asked my dad why his hearing is so bad around the age of 8 and he said, "I don't have bad hearing I have selective hearing". So after him telling me this I decided to learn... well selective hearing and from there I learned to control basically the volume on things, I am not saying it is easy, but with practice you can do the same. It took me about 5 years to actually get it down to a science so from age 13 till now I have been able to control how loud or soft I am hearing things. I am also curious as to how far away can you hear something, So far I have been able to hear things up to 5 miles away haven't tested any further than that because it really hurts hearing the things that aren't 5 miles away lol.

My mother has been diagnosed with super hearing and is 86 now but very sprightly but is in a low care hostel with all the elderley who are deaf and the doors on the rooms are heavy and they all <br />
bang the doors when closing them which causes her great stress.She cant sit in the concerts as<br />
they have to play the music extra loud and to sit in the dining room when the cooks are preparing the meals and the dishes and the cutlery are clashing is unbearable. What to do?.

This is so interesting!

I have similar issues but it isn't as loud as your problem is, I don't have to use earplugs but sometimes its so loud I have to hold my ears cause it wil pump

I've got similar issues. All of the things you mentioned, however, aren't uncommon even for normal ears to hear. Humans have an amazing threshold range, especially for hearing and sight. However, if even smaller things bother you, then I'd suggest consulting an oncologist to see if they can remedy the problem. Personally, I see it as a gift, but some days it can be a burden. My hyper-sensitive hearing is actually a rare unnoticeable gene that caused my ear canal's cartilage to form differently, I have extra-small but overproduced cilia (hairs in the ear canal that direct sound waves), and my ear drum is more shallow than most people's. Just today I found myself in excruciating pain because someone was jingling change back and forth in their hand. Many people can't hear such high pitches as I can and they think I'm making it up when I say small things like that irritate me. I even consulted a doctor and they did multiple tests, one if which was a series of dog whistles blown from across the office building, each of which were unbearable. They said it was rare, but some people have the ability to hear higher frequency sounds than others. I'm sure there's a way to go about fixing it if it becomes a problem, so like I said, consult a doctor. For now, get those custom ear plugs that mold to the shape of your ear an expand outside it to block out all other environmental noises. :)

so you have superhuman sensory. i was waiting to find someone with that ability. is it really that bad.

Just relax. Go for a while in a place fulll of nature and stay there a full night. just relax...