A Map To Space From A Psychonaut

Space is infinite
oxygen is air
air fills space
space is everywhere
and blank stares are
the beginning of something?
i made a space in my head
for air, for space
disillusionment gave me a
blank space of nothingness
now unlock this farther
to the ends and the beginnings
of time surely there is a tie
in everyone to connect this space
to the strand of DNA
passed from ageless evolution
Where is my guide?
A guided man is a faithless fool with limited knowledge
in seek of essence
i have essance but the glass
is but only beginning to fill
i seek the key to imagination
and conquest because destiny is
direction according to descisions and
my conquest has been predetermined I
just need to make contact with the atmosphere.
eatmyfujikantaco eatmyfujikantaco
22-25, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

Brilliant!! gave me flashbacks of my trips :)

thats great to hear! hope you had a positive experience with your days of tripping the special parts when you never know what will happen, it chases away all the cobwebs and builds a machine =D