The Unravelling To Perpetulate Human Development

The beginning of the unravelling of
something at the seams, it seems,
you chase and no doubt they will come,
everything can be found if one wants
to try hard enough, and it seems ive
travelled realms through my mind,
and found a glimpse of potential,
potential we could all use but dont.
maybe we are particulate and
special in being able to play,
laws, write laws, be the laws.
But my eternal game has been
highlighted in minds eye and
has begun yet not been found,
there is more this is the
beginning of everything and nothing
ill learn to fly away into
loops none the faint hearted should
face and oneday they shall say,
gosh i never knew woe is me,
but you see you werent quite
sposed to see because youll
see everything you must see
and nothing of what you shant see
thus i wont drag anyone one to hell
but ill drag hell to your front door step.
now step over that.

*note to readers only read into things very carefully i dont mean anything the way it is written it is meant for those who truly need to impart evolution into theirselves im am a product of generations of studies and dont impart emotion as it should be felt only misread to confuse and dilapidate. thus enjoy the read if you see what i mean*
eatmyfujikantaco eatmyfujikantaco
22-25, M
May 24, 2012