People Inside The Membrane

Theres these people i think about. They're in our hopes and
efforts, being these in which the ability is present; to
alter thoughts and decisions, having the consequences
between life and death at their play, does the body
realise the things capable of happening from spurs
of the moment, almost, but something kick started,
well hello my little friends.
But can we make them also think things and change
their minds. and from this what perspective can we put
ourselves into. Because i do know there are prepackaged
methods of decision making and good times availible
at certain risk;but it is all just for the options of being able to live,
each "dream" as a life in a constant, the
everchanging world of trips + life evoking the thought
and a dream of what we can make, how far
can the mind be warped and how many midsets
can we unlock.
This is my question and my experience and i only hope to live and find myself
whithin my own control because there is an end and i started dead i wont have
anyone kill me again even if i must stay in solitude, the world would thank me if they knew.
eatmyfujikantaco eatmyfujikantaco
22-25, M
May 24, 2012