Hurricane Wilma

Oct. 24, 2005   When I lived in Naples, FL.  Hurricane Wilma came ashore with 125 mph winds!  They had told us it would just be a Tropical Storm, so we all stayed.  Then they moved it up to a "mild" Category 1, so we still stayed.  They said the cold front that was coming down from the North would disrupt it.  Yeah, right!  We would not have stayed for a Category 3 storm!!!!   The eye came ashore about 5am and when the electricity went out I knew it wasn't going to be good!  A mini tornado came right down my street, ripped my grapefruit tree right out of the ground!  That took out our water main.  We were without water for 2 days.  The electric was off for 8 days because they had to dig our electrical grid out of a pile of what was once a stand of Australian Pines that went down with that same mini tornado!  The phone was off for 18 days. 

I found out that I am not cut out to be a pioneer woman!  The lack of water was was really threw me!  My next door neighbor had a trickle, so he put a hose over the fence so I could slowly fill a bucket so I could flush the toilet!  You have no idea how often you reach for water until you don't have any!  Another neighbor let me use her shower after a day without.  And I never thought I would ever be a refugee, but there I was, waiting on line at the Mall for the nice National Guard guys to put a bag of ice in my car!  You meet a lot of nice people after a disaster...the whole neighborhood came together, people who were usually too busy to talk to each other.  I wouldn't want to do it again, but it's a great experience to look back on.


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