11 Years Of This

I felt my first episode of SVT when I was 10 years old, at that point I would have episodes maybe once or twice a year. As the years went on they generally stayed at the same frequency, and would mostly occur when I was playing sports. When I got into high school my episodes increased to maybe 6 times a year, and included summer time when I would go into the pool. One day I was in the pool at my aunts house and it happened. You could literally look at my chest and see my heart beating really fast. My aunt told my mom and we went to the cardiologist. The episodes were so random that when they had me on an event monitor for two months, they never caught a thing. Then my senior year of high school, I was running late for school and it happened. I went to the doctors right away so they could see it in action. That episode lasted around 3 hours and the EMTs got my heartbeat at 220 bpm. I was put on metopropolol and that just made me more sensitive to feeling smaller episodes so I had my doctors take me off it. They've talked about doing a catheter ablation, but I'm terrified of something going wrong, and being a 21 year old with a pacemaker.
NicoleRamona NicoleRamona
Jan 22, 2013