I Swam With Dolphins

It has been what four five years ago, but I lived on the gulf coast and we were swimming and there were dolphins all around. its pretty common place and they are such beautiful creatures they really are. As a Floridan I knew as long as there are dolphins we dont have to worry about sharks so my children played in the warm salty water . Really the only thing we had to look out for was the jellyfish they were everywhere and when the tide would recede they woudl be on shore and they were clear so sometimes the unfortunate did not see them as they stepped down on to them. It was kinda funny to see the tourists they stuck out like sore thumbs...... those were the days.. crabs ran on the shore... the ocean is all her glory............ seeing boats and they are amazing as the glide on the water with their massive sails. kinda miss that place. yeah here I am in the hills of TN no ocean, nothing but my bottle of sea water I took and some sand in another bottle ...my way of keeping Florida and her oceans with me. I was a different person then, trying to fit in here nobody expects me to fit in, I'm a Florida transplant. I remember the smell of the salty water its pungent smell that I cannot find a true replica of. The feel of the hot sun burning my too white half Irish flesh even with sunscreen on The way sounds carry for miles. the amazing awe of dolphins and humans co existing I have swam with manatees in the rivers too. Homosassa springs.if you have never been there it is jsut as awe inspiring as the Gulf and even the East coast with her waves and never ending shoreline.................... I can't describe in words the feeling of these wild yet gentle creatures all around you. The heartbreak when I thought of them and how they trust us as I read the news and saw on tv the massive oil spill....Knowing the creatures I swam with and their babies are probably no more.
MeltedFlowers MeltedFlowers
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Nov 8, 2010