Loved It!

I think of myself as the one of the luckiest people ever as i have been able to do something that is so magical n breathtaking!!!

When i went on holiday to Malta my dad booked me n himself on a swimming with dolphins activity!

The worst thing of it all was squeezing my very curvy body into a size zero (I'm sure it was!) wet suit!

The first thing we did was feed the 2 dolphins! that was one person at a time kneeling on a suspended ledge under water so we were level with the dolphins!

I really have a thing about fish hate them alive but esp dead! n the instructor had given everyone fishes cut in half! but luckily he gave me a full one! all i did tho was touch it with my finger n dropped it into the water! but on that day it was very windy the current was moving towards me so guess which way the fish and dolphins jaw went! my belly! oh yes missed me by a cm!

We then got to stroke the top n the bellies of the dolphins! the one who nearly bit me really didn't like me n whacked me with his tail when he turned round to swim off so i was winded n couldn't get up!!! joyous!

Next task was to swim into the middle of the pool which was 20 feet deep! n have to stand upright with out moving legs or arms! that was hard enough but the we had to extend our arm into the air and turn hand! turning as well while doing it! the one dolphin i was dancing with firstly didn't want to do it and then when finally it did it went crazy n whacked me with his flippers about 10 tens! it would not stop turning!

We then had to stand again and put our left arm out so it was just under the water! dolphin put its nose on my hand n pushed me around in a circle!!
Luckily they didn't do anything to me this time but it had fun with my dad as it spun him around so quick his head actually went under the water n was down there for a while!!

Next was when i had to hold both dolphins just next to their fins n they pull me along at great speed but 1st time they didn't even want to move! the 2nd time they went so fast i was nearly flown into the wall at the far end!!

I then had to swim up against the wall n have both dolphins come up to onto each of my shoulders and have a photo!
The naughty dolphin who was trying to kill me kept kissing my ear and the instructor kept getting cross with him as he wouldn't just stay still for the photo! you will see from the photo the dolphin on my right is the one who kissed alot!!!

But def do it it is such an experience! i would love to do it again!!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response Mar 8, 2007

Lol, you got smacked around by a dolphin and you want to go again. Wow. Most people would never even want to think of it ever again.