Ode to Dolphons

I love dolphins but have not yet swum with one. I have however swum long distance in the ocean kms off shore, floating with all the mass and volume beneath me as if I were only a small drop. We are each of us 70% water and only a small genetic step away from being connected to sea. I feel this closeness as if I were somehow removed from it and walking the earth I mourn the loss of being that I may once have enjoyed beneath the waves. So I dwelled there a few moments and composed a tune called "Awaken" in which I took samples from Hollywood DVD audio collection. I discovered ancient indian chants and infused them with the cheerful squeek of dolphins. Then I orchestrated sounds that floated about these sounds like the sky floats above the waters. You can hear this tune at www.myspace.com/glynmaclean and look out for the title AWAKEN.
glynmaclean glynmaclean
36-40, M
1 Response Jun 9, 2007

Congratulations! The correct word IS swum. You win $10,000,000!