Well It Was a Porpoise...

I was in Florida on the gulf side when I was 16 years old and waded out into the bay with my little brother doing some fishing.  We saw a fin coming at us and we were chest deep so we were kinda freaked out thinking it may be a shark.  But it breathed out it's blowhole and we knew we were okay.  It actually circled around us 2 or 3 times, about 6 to 8 feet away.  It was just checking us out I think.  It was really kinda intimidating.  It didn't act aggressively at all but those things are big.  I was glad it happened though, it was a nice experience.
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6 Responses Jul 30, 2007

That would be a great thing to get to see all the time. I'd love to live on the coast someday.

I live on the water and about three days a week I have my morning coffee watching the dolpins frolic in the bay, we get large pods coming through, it's fabulous... I've seen them flip mullet out of the water, they are so playful...

Heh heh heh!! It's not about topping! Don't try to be a topper!

OH THAT was Good, Sid! Darn if I can't top THAT ONE! =}

Yeah, tanks :-)

A story with a good, happy porpoise!... ( get it??!!)=}