I am at a loss and need some help! I went to urgent care in February because I had this horribly terrible rash that itched uncontrollably and was painful. I had clusters of what appeared to be welts. I also had developed a respiratory/sinus infection and flu like symptoms BUT never getting a fever. They diagnosed me with cellulitis for the rash on my arm on top of the other things. They gave me prednisone and within 3 days it was gone. But I continued being sick. I then became pregnant and just increasingly got sick with the same things. I did three rounds of different antibiotics for the sickness but only to subside to a minimal. Then in July in the same exact area I started to develop "cellulitis" again. I went back to urgent care and they said the same exact thing as February. All the while I am never able to get into my regular doctor to see someone there. I felt terrible but had to become a little aggressive and demanding of my situation with the doctors. At this point I continue to have repeated symptoms and have been sick for 6 months. I told them something else needs to be checked. I also was uncomfortable that I have had three separate outbreaks since an original incident in August of 2011 that create lesions and a horrible "cellulitis" infection and doctors continued to diagnose me with the same thing. So after pushing and pushing I got them to give me a referral to a dermatologist who had no clue what was wrong and consulted with the main doctor on staff. That doctor right away said I presented all the symptoms of Sweet's syndrome and I needed my blood drawn to confirm (mind you I had already been on antibiotics for two and a half days and symptoms had subsided). I had the blood done and saw the doctor the next day. My white blood count was good but the doctor continued to be confident that I had this. There has not been a full on break out to get a good biopsy at this time. However since I had my blood drawn I have had continued little outbreaks all over my body at this point and I am miserable because I cannot have the prednisone since I am pregnant. My doctors are stumped because it has become so unpredictable and they have never had a case of someone who is actually pregnant. They are also frustrated because they don't know what to do with me and have no direct answers. Right before an outbreak starts I get terrible flu symptoms etc. I have since in the last month also had shortness in breath but in the last couple of years I have randomly gotten chest pains and sharp pains. I have gone to my doctor in Feb when I had the last one because it started then as well and had a EKG that she said showed nothing. She said it was a panic attack. But I get them here and there randomly. They don't know if it related to this or the pregnancy. This syndrome is often triggered in pregnancy but I have had only one real outbreak during this pregnancy and 4 others outside of it in the last four and a half years. I went to my primary because playing a waiting game is stressful. I am unable to see a specialist at John Hopkins University until the end of September and I see a cardiologist this week. My doctor recommended I find a blog because she also knows very little of this. I am stressed and completely miserable. I don't sleep because of the itching and pain!!!! Can this transfer to my baby? and is it something you always have or just have when it flares? What causes it and what helps?? Please desperate for some relief.
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No I don't think it will transfer to the baby , however this is about your health you need to talk to someone even if it costs a lot of money .. Health overall!