My Beautiful Daughter Does Not Talk About It

My daughter is now 29 and tall and beautiful, a model type. She has all the swyer syndrome symptoms. When puberty did not arrive, she dropped out of school, she hated the giggling girls of her age group. When we, the parents, tried to talk with her about a diagnosis, that she had no ovaries, she locked herself in her room and never went to the doctor who gave the diagnosis again. She is very gifted in many ways but floats from one career move to the next one and is heavily on weed since many years. Her mother and I separated when she was 17. Her mother is ready to help her in any way necessary in case she wants any psychologic or medical support.

But still she does not talk to us or any of her siblings or anybody we know.

What can I do?
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Please talk to her otherwise she will never stop thinking about that Health problem .

She's 29 though. Have you asked her if she is happy? Some people deal with their emotions alone, or they find the support of friends more helpful than that of their parents'. And smoking pot isn't so bad. If she does it recreationally for fun, then it shouldn't be ruining her life or anything like that. It's like having a couple of drinks. I think it's best to keep contact with her, let you daughter know she can talk to you about anything and that you will love her no matter what, and that's pretty much all you can do. She's an adult. You might be surprised to find out she's dealt with it, she's taking hrt (hopefully!) and you are worrying too much?

I have Swyer Syndrom and am very Tall (6"2) and don't have a father/father figure to support me in anyway shape or form.
I think it's important that you be her friend and to remind her that her life has meaning to it. Because as a woman and knowing that you don't have the ability to perform your "duty" as a woman and have children is something that has haunted me ever since I found out about my condition.
And for her health, to prevent ovarian cancer, the ovaries HAVE to be removed and hrt usually begins.. It's an aweful thing to handle but it's like any trauma in life. She needs support.
I'm so thankful that I had such a supportive mother, she help me find a specialist in my syndroms field. The doctor I saw I had was amazing!! She sat with me for a good few hours why I sobbed and asked way too many questions that I already knew the answers too!
This is something that not many people know about and it's only a matter of time until the public know about it, and we need to be proud of who/what we are, because no matter how much we want to change ourselves we don't have a choice. Life must go on.

That is a very difficult situation to be in.