Scared About The Future.

My story is almost identical to those of all of you girls. It has been a great help to read all of your stories. The only difference is that I have not had a good time with doctors as none of them have been straight with me and told me about the syndrome. One told my mother about it but I did not know about this until recently. When I was told that my ovaries had to be removed, the doctor called them gonads but I just assumed that was some medical term she was using as she never told me what it meant. I got given a date to have them removed but I was only given a weeks notice and I got very scared and canceled the surgery. That was nearly a year ago and I still haven't had them removed. I really want to go for the surgery because it is so important but I am so scared. I have arranged an appointment with my doctor in January to talk about my situation and also talk about the possibility of breast augmentation which is very exciting as it is something I am very self-conscious about. I am also worried that I am going to continue growing taller. I am currently 18 and 5ft8 and I get very painful growing pains in my knees so would prefer to stop getting any taller.

When did you all stop growning? and how tall are you?
I was also wondering if any other body parts got bigger such as your feet because my feet are currently a size 8.

This is an amazing page that has been a big help thank you!
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I never grew any breast tissue, so I got a breast augmentation within a year after HRT. Changed my life in a huge way. I finally felt like a lady and not like a little boy. I was always tall but grew an extra inch in the first four years of doing the hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I am 5 foot and 10 inches now. I love my height. My feet didn't grow anymore after HRT. I started getting cellulite on my legs and bum though which I never had prior to the HRT and this sucks! This must be genetically passed down from my mom and HRT triggered it. UGH. I hated most pills I was on but love Yasmin a lot because it didn't make me gain weight at all (I lost weight on Yasmin) and it doesn't make me bloated. Also, my sex drive is so-so on Yasmin. Without hormones I have NO sex drive. I had the most amazing sex drive on lubrication on Allesse but that one made me gain weight and gave me some funky smelling body odour. I know, this is TMI but I like to share. :)))

Surgery is scary but you'll be fine. I had mine out when I was 17. The surgery was key-hole surgery which when the docs only left four tiny little scars on my stomach, left/right pants line, inside belly button, and just above pubic bone.
The surgery scars healed in like a week.
Then not long after that I started on HRT(Hormone replacement therapy).
Yes I got taller, I'm 25 and currently at 6"2.. never getting any taller thank god! Shoes are hard yes but I because of the HRT I have a whomb that can actually carry a baby now, if I want, Oh! And I have BOOBS (big too) and beautiful long legs that men love. So really the pros out weigh the cons.
I'm not sure HOW important HRT is to your body but it is SOO important to get your ovaries removed as they can have traces of tuma in them that could be cancerious. That how it was for me and I'm so thankful as they weren't functioning anyhow, so really it was death sentence waiting to happen for me.
Be brave! You're not alone!

I shed a few tears after reading this! Im so concious of my very small breasts; Ive been on HRT for just about a year now, and Ive thought of getting my boobs done in the future. How long did it take for your breasts to grow to full size?

My boobs where still quite small when I began my treatment, but once my body started to adjust itself to the idea that I was allowed to put on weight on my bum and boobs I just ate and exercised.
So really, my boobs are probably at their best now, but I did notice a good change in them a couple years in.. but look it is different for everyone and the higher your oestrogen medicine get the better it gets.
Hang in there ;)

Oh my goodness, also I have grown ridiculously during HRT, up to 0.2 inches a month. Im currently 5'8 aswell. My feet have also grown , im currently size 10 which is mega depressing, its impossible to find nice shoes that fit.
Doc said that thats because the estradiol IƤve been taking has strengthened my natural testosterone levels and thats what's increasing growth. It sucks. I dont wanna turn in to a bigfoot. However, I quite like growing length, I would enjoy being 5.9.