People Can Be So Ignorant.

In my one class, we watched a move about dating abuse. It is a class full of girls. Some parts were upsetting me, as I just got out of a bad relationship, and some of the things the abusive guy was saying and how the girl was reacting were similar to me and my exboyfriend. So while I'm trying to stay composed, other girls at the end of my table are saying how stupid the girl is, and how she is so dumb for not leaving him, and this and that. They had no idea what it was really like to be in that situation.. To hear about people in abusive situations is sad, and I feel sympathy. Some people I know however, wouldn't, and they simply do not understand. The topic also came up in other classes I've had, and some girls really do not understand at all. They think they are too smart for it, that they would not get themselves into the situation. What they do not clearly understand is how great and fooling the person could be in the start of the relationship...  they just don't know. I think some people should somehow be educated more about this topic..

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i do agree all need to see that there is two sides to a coin and if one does not jump to conclusions at just one look. I suggest that a little research is done. I have a friend who would have a real tough time with his wife as she came from a family where her father was a drunk and why he turned to be drunk is because his wife was the BOSS in the house and he was stepped on all the time. Result the girl has followed he mothers habit of stepping on her husband who is not a drunk but ready to go separate ways so he is not an abusive type..<br />
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so lease look at what is taking place and judge accordingly

Agreed. Sometimes it takes us a while to realize that we're being abused.


What you are saying is so true