Feeling Forever Alone In This

My Syncope started when i was 12 years old after my brother died i was having all these Syncope episodes and it took the doctors from age 12 till i was about 16 to find out what it was. i was always in the hospital 3-4 times a month always passing out for no reason and having all the symptoms of a Syncope episode it was so horrible everyone thought i was faking it all the time to get attention. ya i so wanted to go to the hospital all the time to get tested on like a lab rat just to find out what this was and why was it happening to me. i ended up having to put in a heart monitor inside my chest and have it warped around my heart for about a year to see what was going on in there. I've learn to control it more often now that I'm older and I've been threw it so many times i can tell when one is coming on. but it still sucks and very scary for me because i have two brothers one who past away at 14 and one who almost died from having a cataract arrest at age 36. So yeah i don't like having this and people today still don't believe me or even understand what its all about. and on top of it having bipolar doesn't help where it sets off my Syncope episodes.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Wow I know how annoying it is when people think your faking. I can relate to that and the family with heart issues as well. *psychic hug*