My Synesthesia

Just learned that there is a name for what I've had my whole life.  From what limited "research" I've done it seems my case is a little unusual (or is it??).  Mine is derived from music but it is all black and white (or shades thereof) but with very very intricate designs.  Each instrument and voice in a song is it's own unique track and it moves left to right as if reading sheet music (which I don't know how to do since I have zero artistic / musical talent experience).

Anyways, curious if anyone else has similar experience. 

oconneld20 oconneld20
2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

I see music in a cube in my mind. The percussion, if it's not bongos, goes in the bottom left front corner. Bongoes go on the right. when there's a drum roll, the notes go backwards and forwards in a cylinder. I always thought no one else saw music like that. I call it timbre > shape and can't find anything about it anywhere.

i have that as well. i see different instrument tracks moving and making geometric shapes and stuff like that. I also see colors for noteskeystone.