Hi. I Like You. Your Voice Smells Like Cookie Dough.

I've always smelled, visually and colorfully seen, and physically felt sound. Also, I see touch and pain the same way I see sound. It gets overwhelming at concerts or even if I'm listening to music with through a good AMP.

My last boyfriend's voice goes from a smell of vanilla cookie dough into mango occasionally, colored in shades of yellow, with a warm touch on my cheeks and arms. I told him that once, and that when I kissed him it was a wonderful dark green with occasional black streaks. I explained what Synesthesia is to him, and that I wasn't just making that up or being artsy-poetic or something, but that was the dead honest truth. He believed me, but he was the first person I explained everything to with such detail, and now I realize why people don't talk about how they perceive the world that often, because it's so much easier to feel validated when you live under the impression that everyone else experiences everything the same way. I learned from him that people tend to patronize others with different perceptions of reality.

I have still yet to meet another person who smells sound, which is kind of scary. I know plenty of people who see sound, who see touch, and I've heard of people feeling touch from sound. I even know a girl who tastes words, but nothing with smell... Anyone here? Let me know. =)

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This is a really great description, thanks. I wondered do any of you see color when you hear thunder like me?

I remember random things (events, emotions, places) smelling like the taste of strawberries. Now I just see colours for events, emotions, or places. I guess thats just something that can change as time goes on. I miss being able to know what the taste of smell feels like.

Help me to understand please..............

I love the title of this, lol. I've told people their name's gender, despite the gender of the actual person. It's just automatic. Words also have personalities so I'll say, "I hate your name. He's so arrogant and rude." My friends just go along with it now. Haha :)

thank you so much for writing this! i think when you were talking about your boyfriend i can sort of relate. Depending on the smell of his breath, something new happens- most recently i could feel a sort of seed at the back of my mouth. It's not really fair and he might think i'm just a really fussy, touchy girlfriend. He doesnt even smell bad or anything it just makes me feel certain ways like that. Thats very interesting about sound though. i can taste and smell movements so it's a little different. I hope you find someone to relate to!

I read a mango shaped space in 5th grade, and realized that no one else saw what i saw. I see colors with letters, numbers ( and personalities) , words, months, and some sounds. But mostly i have " right hang and left hand words". So the word Road is solid and a right hand word, where as Air is a lefty. Ive had this for as long as i can remember, and I never knew that other people didn't see things this way...most other people. Ive been doing alot of studying, and now i feel good about my colors, not like a weirdo anymore :) If anyone else wants to talk about their synesthesia with me, my email is greenhugs@gmail.com . And PS. i also see peoples auras. (: email me.

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You are so right about people wanting to think everyone sees and thinks things the same way. Well that has mostly been the case in the past. In more barbaric time synesthesia was considered taboo to talk about, that is why not very many know about it today. It is only in that last couple of decades that people have stated to look at how and why people think the ways they do. And that is why synesthesia is become more known. So things are changing for the better, slowly but surely. I think it is fascinating to hear how others think, the more different the better in my opinion. Hopefully every one will think the same soon.

Hi! That must be amazing. You know, i have lots of different kinds of synesthesia, but most are very low intensity. my strongest is sound - color, but it works mostly with music. i feel a lot of weird other things but most are too abstract to understand. i do have colors for numbers and all words with an "l" in the middle are yellow. I'm actually jealous when i read this things about people who feel stuff so much weirder (IN A GOOD WAY :D) than me. lol. My sinesthesia sometimes causes me to freak out or get anxious or paranoid, when i have strange feelings or memories from smelling something or experiences like that. I would like to know, has your condition developed i.e became stronger with time? Also, i just wrote an experience on this theme as well and i'm looking for some help, check it out if you can.