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I suppose I have synesthesia, yet there are things that lead me to believe it's a bit subconcious as well. I'm new to researching all the aspects of synesthesia to which I might be able to relate all of my odd comparisons, yet I do see some things.

For instance, I've always stuck colors to numbers. I tend to keep dark colors with the even numbers and lighter colors with odds. Letters of the alphabet do not induce colors however. I have different visual patterns I see when counting, thinking back on past years, and thinking about the months and seasons in a year. It was fun recently trying to actually map out my pattern for the years since 1980, and counting. It was very difficult to map out the counting, since it seemed to overlap, and parts of the path were a bit fuzzy, like when I got to the mid 20's. I'm going to look through the site some more, but I hope there's an area where we can maybe show each other our visual representations of things we see.

Back to the subconcious aspect; I kind of have this idea that maybe the colors of the numbers and the shape of the year in my head (an oval) may have something to do with kindergarten. I think I remember large colorful numbers around the top of the classroom to help us with numbers. Maybe those numbers were each a different color, giving me the idea to pair the numbers with colors. As well, I do believe I remember the seasons of the year in a circle form poster in kindergarten, yet maybe I'm wrong about that.

Regardless, I asked around a bit and it was the hardest thing to explain to people how I imagined past years in a certain path visually, and I'm glad I found a place to share these things with people that may understand a bit more where I'm coming from.
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Lots of synesthetes think that. However, why would some people remember what colors the preschool numbers were and some wouldn't? Also, studies show that synesthesia generally develops before the preschool posters.

I just wanted to reply to your comment because I find it very eerie that out of the blue today, I was thinking about this post I made. I had a strong urge to talk to someone about synesthesia and thought about seeing if I could find this site again. I haven't even thought about this site since around the time of the last reply (a year and a half ago.) I freaked out a bit when I got an email saying there was a response.

That's kind of funny. What did you want to talk about?

Maybe it's extrasensory consciousness...that brought you back. Maybe it's time to reopen pandora's box:) Do you have any other type of crossed sense?

Timbre>shape but it's very weak. And then the whole number thing and also names have colors.

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Hey! I have colors for numbers, days of the week, grades in school, months, years and some letters. <br />
The number colors shut down when I do math, though. I am not entirely sure whether I have synthesia or not, however. I am actually in a position similar to yours in terms of wondering whether some of the color association may be a subconscious remnant of those colored calendars and days of the week they used to have in preschool!

My numbers shut down for math too. But I've started seeing colors when I read which really slows me down

Great to meet you, Obsidiguy! I'm Sh4d3m4ch1n3 and I have done alot of personal research on the subject as well. I agree fully with you that the condition is at least partially if not completely a subconcious projection of perceptive capacity onto the "real", waking world. Read my description of my own "type" of synesthesia (one that I have yet to come by another clinical case study on) and you'll see why I agree so readily...<br />
<br />
I'm currently enrolled at Ashford University Online and just started classes in the field of Psychology on July 27th of this year and would love to discuss some of your personal research with you. I'm thinking of starting an online "club" for synesthetes where such information can be used academically as well as creatively for members and the curious at large. If you think you'd like to be involved with something of that nature please feel free to add any input towards the resolution of said goal you may have. I'll be "looking to hear" anything you have to offer!