Is Synesthesia!

It took me a while to realize this is a form on synesthesia. Originally, I just thought it was those people who can taste and see sounds. For me, numbers are male and female, young and old. I had just figured it must be something like my imagination getting the better of me, and sticking with me from childhood.

I also seem to have other, weaker forms of synesthesia with other senses. Sometimes, I'll strongly associate the taste with the smell of something else, like once when I was a little child, I was eating some frozen grapes (my grandma used to freeze various fruits and berries), and I told my mom they tasted like a compost pile. Lol....I guess she never thought of something like that before!
Also, some words and names make me envision something else. It's usually just a very brief flicker of something that's often hard to describe. Quite frequently, it's some hand or arm motion that I see with the word, but for other words, it's a nature scene. Wednesday, for example, is actually very vivid to me. I see pretty autumn leaves.
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To me
1- male and very very depressed
2- female, very peppy and full of herself
3- male and shy
4- female and very happy
5- male and bossy
6- female and not happy, but not sad
7- male and extremely mischievous (he kind of scares me, actually, I don't know how anyone can find him lucky)
8- male and very happy, everybody's friend
9- female and always annoyed at something
10- not sure, but extremely timid
11- male and shy but very bored

I am having at hard time looking at all these posts because you guys' numbers are all wrong! I can't even stand to think that 4 is anything else green, or that 5 isn't a red bossy female. I didn't even know I had synesthesia until I commented on something being a color. I have a question. Are all the vowels much lighter than all the consonants? Because they are for me.

<i></i><br />
Synesthesia involving numbers is common with talented mathematicians and idiot savants.

for me:<br />
1 -- male<br />
2 -- unsure<br />
3 -- male<br />
4 -- female<br />
5 -- male<br />
6 -- female<br />
7 -- male<br />
8 -- unsure<br />
9 -- female<br />
<br />
I see the letters a, b, d, e, m, n, p, s, u, and w as female, the rest male.<br />
<br />
I see most letters and numbers as colors as well.

That's really cool chococat159. =) Just curious, what is your user name like to you?<br />
What's mine like?

Everything for me has a gender, age, and personality. Name it and it does. Capital letter, lowercase letter, full words, ob<x>jects, sounds, you name it. It can be overwhelming, but on the plus side, it's really hard for me to get lonely with all these friendly ob<x>jects, words, and numbers. :)

Lets see-<br />
<br />
1- male, blue<br />
2-female, teenage, red<br />
3- male child, yellow<br />
4- teenage male, dark purple<br />
5-male, green<br />
6-male, brown<br />
7- female, 20-30ish, dark red/burgundy<br />
8-older male, lighter green<br />
9-male, very dark, almost black<br />
10-male, lighter blue

I understand that too, jellystuffed, I read about the people who can see or taste sounds, and I really wish I had that!!

I want it too !

omg I read these and wish I had it to

I have the same type of synesthesia you do:)<br />
<br />
1-a dark and mysterious man.<br />
2-kind of shady, but still sweet, female.<br />
3-untrustworthy, overweight male, associated with the color yellow.<br />
4-nice and warm, popular, female.<br />
5-sorrowful, associated with the color blue.<br />
6-trustworthy, like the ocean.<br />
7-evil. red.<br />
8-motherly, a deep purple.<br />
9-shy, likes to be with 1.

Hi, Im Danii(Lime Green With Neon Pink Strips)<br />
I Have the same thing as you,<br />
I Can taste sounds and Words<br />
Also Every Number is A Boy or a Girl and they have Names. (:

Ooh what are their names? I've never heard of that kind before :)

milkglitter---I can only agree with ya on 4 lol!!<br />
1--young boy<br />
2--woman<br />
3--man<br />
4--woman<br />
5--man<br />
6--man, clean-shaven for sure<br />
7--man<br />
8--older woman<br />
9--older man<br />
I've noticed every odd number is male to me, and every even number except for 6 is female to me. Interesting. It's really fun to talk about Synesthesia experiences. =)

heyyy number are female male too! somehave different personalities too, but only very few numbers:<br />
4= girl<br />
2= boy<br />
8= muscular beef jerky man<br />
what about you? :D

I haven't heard of the two being related; I don't think I've ever heard of hyperlexia before. Is hyperlexia linked to Asbergers syndrome?

My oldest son has Aspergers syndrome. He has hyperlexia. He taught himself how to read and write at the age of two. He associates letters, numbers and colors with emotions. I have never heard of this that you are talking about. It sounds similar to hyperlexia. Have you ever heard of the two being related?

hi, snce you're a synesthete, please read my experience and reply, i need some feedback.