Synesthetic Paranoia, Please Help.

Hi, im a 24 year old guy and a few years ago i realized i had synesthesia. I've always seenthought of colors whenever i listen to music, and songs have a color depending on their key. I discovered i had a different color for each note, like C= blue, E= red, etc. I also experience other forms of the condition, most of them vaguely, and not very intense. I do have a strong thing with smells, tough. Most perfumes are either green or pink to me. Colors, smells and sometimes intangible feelings will often trigger strange memories or recollections in me. Anyway, this is why i'm worried: A few weeks ago i was studying for an exam and i was having trouble sleeping, which i always do, since i also deal with lots of anxiety. So, you know that stream of consciousness phase you kinda drift into right before falling asleep, just thinking random things and stuff, like dreamy while still awake? When i'm stressed i tend to see bad images or thoughts in that phase, and that day i thought "I'm gonna die in 3 weeks", which has made me paranoid since. 3 weeks will be due in a few days, but i'm not even sure what day that was, cause i forgot and remembered a few days later. Thing is, trying to be less paranoid i tried to just have random thoughts and prove them wrong so this came into my head: "Friday Wednesday 13" - Makes no sense, but i checked and the next 13th is a friday, which i had no idea. So, trying to prove this was just random luck, i ended up guessing that: february 15 of 2011 is a TUESDAY august 1 of 2010 is a sunday december 23 (my bday) is on a thursday. In also see colors for weekdays, and numbers and stuff, and all is very confusing. what i want to know, just to be sure that my weekday predictions are synesthetic related is if anyone else here who is a synesthete has ever had any kind of experience like this. guessingpredicting stuff. stuff like that has happened to me before, but not as freaky as this, and i always figured my sub-conscious just did the maths (it's all logic stuff) for me. in which case i have a friggin brilliant subconscious. please, help. i'll appreciate it. cheers
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If you're still alive, I sometimes I see random pictures of places I've been. I'm not sure if this is because of my synesthesia or not but would like to find out.

Take a deep breath. Calm down. I subconsciously do the predicting thing too, and it's mainly pretty accurate, but I still can't make legit predictions. It's just like I'll be thinking about fire obsessively before the house next door burns down. But then I think about fire again and nothing happens. So in all probability, you'll be fine. I once dreamed a whole scene years before it happened.(Imagine how freaked out I was when it did.) But it doesn't happen often and it's not particularly useful. The worst thing you can do is let your paranoia corner you. Just remember that not all things mental are accurate.

I dont know if anyone is still using this site at all but i wanted to talk about what im going through. I dont feel i have a 'usual' case of synesthesia or even one at all. I read alot about people seeing numbers/days etc as colours and im aware that its quite common in musicians/creative people. I am a musician and as a child i was always quite creative seeking the alternative. The past couple of years ive began to notice more and more that when i listen to certain songs/types of music, ill see a three dimensional image in my mind (usually a shape) often with a colour to accompany it and it will create a feeling that is familiar to that song. I then began to realize that the same happens with memorys, ill recall a memory and become familiar with it in my mind using the sensation created by the shapes and colours. Its as though everything is in four dimensions, i see an imagine/hear a sound/'ll travel to my brain...and my mind will display it in its own code. Any ideas?<br />
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I had a friend who could identify places with smells and even the scent of people. Not talking about cologne but the natural scents. She also saw the days of the week as shapes. Her hearing was also finely tuned.

yeah, i understand what you said about music theory, but not really, i normally don't detect those things, i think. it seems like i'm a week synesthete. maybe my background logical thinking is my greatest atribute. i have a friend who also has the musical kind, but really small, she only gives colors to the sound of different instruments. Her strongest is colors-numbers and both colors and numbers define a person's personality for her as well.

That's cool that you can at least tell what key a song is in. =) Getting into music theory things, I wonder if the color changes for you when there's a tonal region of another key, but not necessarily a full modulation. (Meaning, when just for a few beats, the song sort of switches to another key, but not really--it's hard to explain without really getting into music theory. When that happens and it's not completely changing keys because it goes back quickly to the original key, it's called a tonal region. When a song completely switches to another key, it's called a modulation.) Well, I guess you might have already known that if you play guitar lol. It's just hard to know what someone's level of understanding of music theory is before talking to them much. =)<br />
I will talk about synesthesia to others now. I'm sure a lot more people have it but just don't know they have it. I realized my mom's friend has synesthesia. People's personalities have smells for her. I'm going to call my mom soon and tell her that her friend has synesthesia. <br />
Yeah, if you're paranoid and sometimes fear things like death, it'd be very easy for your mind to come up with something like "I'm going to die in 3 weeks." It's good to explain away, but sometimes, especially when you're alone, I'm sure it doesn't help that much, because you still FEEL it, even though it may not be really factual.

no perfect pitch, sadly. i do need a digital tuner to tune my guitar lol. i don't think any of my forms of synesthesia is really intense. i often know what key a song is in because of a color and i can sometimes figure out how to play it based on that, which is cool. <br />
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you should talk about your synesthesia with others, specially those with similar experiences. most ppl don't get it, but for instance, my girlfriend finds it very interesting, like i have a super power or something. actually, she was the one who did the research and told me the name of what i had. i once told a shrink i had synesthesia and she didn't really pay attention and actually didn't seem to know what it was, so i guess people are still not very aware of it.<br />
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i am naturally paranoid and i know the dying thing is probably just based on my fears and hypocondria and stuff. i just wanted to find a logical reason for the date guessing thing. i remember reading about people with synesthesia who somehow predicted things, and it was always things that had to do with logic, and like, just putting together variables and processing them in a sub conscious way, leading to a result. I don't believe it would be possible to predict i would die in 3 weeks, but i guess it would be possible to guess weekdays on a calendar if my brain was working like a computer under my consciousness radar. <br />
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thank's for your comment! :)

Wow, I've never heard of that sort of prediction thing happening! It could be that your subconscious is doing the math to figure out the days. I think we all have brilliant subconsciousness, because, since it's underneath all our other functions, it's got time to work these things out and to calculate and make conclusions and all that---just some people are more connected and aware of their subconscious, being able to bring things from their subconsciousness into conscious thought, than others are. <br />
I would be pretty scared too about that dying in 3 weeks thought. But remember, many things in the FUTURE can be changed. The future is subjective, ba<x>sed on what happens in the present. Do you believe in God? Well...I guess whether or not you do, I'll pray for you, and we'll hope the 3-week mark passes just fine for you. Maybe it's some kind of metaphorical death---or just a symbol for something, maybe you'll have a dream about death instead. Or a "death" in some other way (not necessarily in a negative way). <br />
I'm also wondering, do you have perfect pitch? Can you identify a musical note just by hearing it? Well, I guess you could because you SEE the color! That's pretty cool. =D<br />
I had been wondering myself if it was possible to have other forms of synesthesia that are less intense than other forms, in that, it doesn't happen as often or the experience is less intense. <br />
Sometimes, I'll taste something, and it'll remind me of how something entirely different smells. Like once, when I was a little kid, I was eating some frozen grapes (my grandma liked to freeze different fruits and berries), and I told my mom that the grapes taste like a compost pile. Of course, I'd never tasted a compost pile =P but I associated the smell with a taste, and the grapes matched that. <br />
Also, for some reason, Wednesday always makes me think of the beautiful autumn leaves. And when I hear names and words, they usually give me a little flicker of a vision or a color. It's nothing intense, and sometimes I can't really describe what it is that I see, but it's always happened. I guess "Wednesday" is just one of the clearer ones. Many of the things I see when I hear words and names have something to do with hands, a certain hand motion. It's interesting. As a child, I realized my mom didn't see the same kinds of things I saw in hearing words though, and since then, (until now) I've just stopped trying to talk to anyone about it.